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The Blues Brothers 1980

Jake Blues, just out from prison, puts together his old band to save the Catholic home where he and brother Elwood were raised...

Release Date:
June 19, 1980, UTC
133 min
John Landis
Steven Williams, Dan Aykroyd, James Avery, ...
Comedy, Crime, Action, ...

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Imdb rating:8

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Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi have great chemistry in this somewhat overrated comedy.
:fresh: Every scean is pure gold. Ask anybody about any scean and they'll remember every single thing about it. There's not one part of this movie that's slow or boring. If society ever needs to choose what shold be saved and what sholdn't, this one will be high on the save list, when it comes to films. This is theFfirst and best SNL skit, to film :fresh:
Funny and interesting. But a bit flawed in movie terms. And It is way too long (4 Hours)
Incredibly funny, I can't believe I went this long without seeing it. I've always loved Dan Aykroyd.

I really loved how nothing really ever phased them. They're in an apartment that gets blown up, they wake up under a bunch of bricks and all they say is "shit! I'm gonna be late for work!"
"The Blues Brothers" is a fantastic comedy which is sort of a musical. The climax of the movie is absolutely awesome as it's so over the top. Great film.
AMC was showing The Blues Brothers last night. I watched it with my girlfriend because she'd never seen it before (nor had she ever seen more than bits of The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady, so her classic music-centric movie experience was limited). I couldn't help going, "oh this next scene is great/hilarious/frikkin awesome" throughout the entire two and a half hours, during which time I was visibly agitated by each commercial break. So clearly, I'll have to get the DVD.

I bought Infernal Affairs based on the high ratings it received on RT. The acting was excellent, even though the casting of the supporting actors was hit or miss. I was surprised by how understated much of the movie is. Cop-gangster movies are usually long scenes of violence with spots of dialogue that act as bridges to the next wave of violence. There are only two violent scenes in Infernal Affairs, and only one of them gets the slow-mo treatment. Both are over quickly. Clearly, this movie isn't about violence. It is about two men who have different, yet similar lives -- as moles in the other's organization. The story is engaging, but somewhat implausible. What is Andy Lau's character's motivation for being the Triad boss' mole? Wouldn't anyone as careful as Tony Leung's character be just a bit more concerned that only one person knew he was undercover? The film could have addressed some obvious questions, but others show more fundamental problems with the plot. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching it because it was a change of pace, and the lead actors were terrific. The DVD extras include a "making of" and a "behind the scenes," and neither really revealed much. The "making of" was composed mostly of interviews with some of the actors and others responsible for the film (but there aren't captions to tell you who the non-actors are), and doesn't reveal a whole lot that isn't obvious from the movie. The "behind the scenes" is a short set of scenes from some party, a fraction of the shooting, and not much else.

Some Like It Hot is supposed to be the best comedy of the 20th century. What this means is that it's a mainstream, though daring at the time, film. I didn't find it as gut-splittingly funny as other, less widely appealing comedies (Zoolander, for instance). The jokes are mostly still good, and the dialogue is brilliant at times. As part of the DVD extras, there's a Tony Curtis interview, where he explains how they never ad-libbed for the movie, because the dialogue was just so perfect. Jack Lemmon is over-the-top, spastically hilarious at times, and Tony Curtis is equally hilarious while pretending to be heir to the Shell Oil Company fortune. Marilyn Monroe adds some sexiness to the film, but I almost feel sorry for how one-dimensional her character was. It's also a downer hearing Curtis talk about how Marilyn had absolutely no fun at all making the movie. I had fun watching it, and a movie-watcher would have to be a real sourpuss to dislike it.
And I'm rating some of the few movies I just never got around to on here.

Blues Brothers is the only great movie were they sing. It is actually funny, plus the songs in the movie dont suck as much as the others. I know this as an old movie but it is a good one. Th reason I wrote this on the blues bros is because they are coming out with there 25th anniverseri.
This movie has everything and if you can appreciate its brilliance you should be rung up and locked away! Great music, absolutely none better. Great cast: Belushi, Akroyd, Candy, Fisher, Charles, Spielberg, Oz, Twiggy, THE BAND!, Franklin, Brown, Calloway, the list goes on. The cheesy special effects. Illinois Nazis. John Belushi doing cartwheels. How much do you want for your children? Come on!
:D :D :D :D :D
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