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The Blair Witch Project 1999

Three film students vanish after traveling into a Maryland forest to film a documentary on the local Blair Witch legend, leaving only their footage behind...

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Still love this movie
and that ending still scares the willies
out of me
Now I know why I have never watched this movie. I really like the "found footage" genre, but this being the first one, it was disappointing in my opinion.
i really did not like the blair withc project, my main reason i believe is because of the lack of acting from the actors and the absent of a script, i think the idea was good but they didnt pull it off. if they had an actuall screenwriter write a script for it and gotten some people who could act i would have like it more but the producer said hey lets just cut costs by not having a screenwriter or a director shall we.
This movie is totall crap

people made a big deal about this one because it was made cheap and that apparently it was scary

This style of video shooting in horror films have been done many times before with much better results. This movie is a copycat

this movie became popular because the studios hyped it up so much just to make cash

worst horror film ever !!!!!!!! and I love horror movies
Setting aside its merit as a film, The Blair Witch Project may turn out to be one of the most influential movies of the 1990s: shot on a digital camera for an extremely low budget of $24,000, the film ended up grossing over $100 million and proved to studio executives everywhere that a movie with no stars, no glossy style and no name director could become a hit based on shrewd marketing and word-of-mouth. What is interesting about The Blair Witch Project is how tumultuous the reaction to the film has been: at first, people thought it was great (thinking they were one of the few to have "discovered" it)...then it became popular, and everyone hated it. My own feeling is that it is a mildly successful horror film with a clever premise. The movie begins by telling the audience that what they are about to see is documentary footage that supposedly belonged to three missing students and was found in a forest. Even though the audience knows that this statement is not true, it lends a certain degree of terror to the proceedings. The Blair Witch Project is shot like a home video, with a camera that shakes, goes out of focus, and sometimes just points at the ground. The three students, one female and two male, venture into a forest to study a supernatural legend about a "Blair Witch". On their journey, they are frightened by ominous signs, and eventually the group begins bickering when it appears that they have become lost. Part of the problem with the film is that the protagonists aren't particularly endearing...they frequently seem to make poor choices, and the scenes in which they argue are often shrill and over-the-top. For the most part, the actors in the film do a fine job of appearing natural, but there are moments when the illusory foundation of the movie comes crashing down because we are aware of the actors' straining for effect. The Blair Witch Project still manages to be an unusually effective horror movie because its horror is based on our primal fear of a dark forest that emits unexplained rustlings. The sense of dread is palpable near the end of the film, so much so that the climax is almost unbearably tense. The Blair Witch Project is so effective at what it sets out to do, it is a shame that some of the film's weak points could not have been smoothed over. Perhaps a film like this needs to be raw, unrehearsed and flawed, but the weak middle stage of the film makes it less engaging than it could have been. Still, this is undeniably a frightening and unsettling movie, one that will make people think twice about bringing a camera with them on their next camping trip.

I haven't seen it in a while so I decided to give The Blair With Project a COMPLETE critical analysis...

The Blair Witch Project (Myrick & Sanchez, 1999) - ***1/2
I have always loved this movie. Maybe just because everyone was tricked into thinking it was real. But some of us never believed the hype...

As a film, anyone could have made most of The Blair Witch Project. But isn't that the point? Three student filmmakers are just documenting their stay in the woods. There doesn't need to be any beauty to it. It did create a real atmosphere. Hell, I would believe it.

Later on in the semester I have to do an ethical study on The Blair Witch Project. I will be posting that later on in April or so. So, aside from ethics, I would like to write briefly about the ending...

I believe it to be one of the best endings to a horror film. The one problem with 28 Days Later was finding a suitable ending for it. Director Danny Boyle went through a lot to come up with the one he used, and I believe it works. But at first viewing it seems a little under-developed. The Blair Witch Project has one of the most terrifying endings that has seen home video; its a shame I missed it in the theaters. The dual camerawork displays both of the characters running around looking for Josh in the cabin. His voice is in the distance, but it has no definite location. Then, Heather finds the other guy standing against the wall with his back to her. We remember an interview in the beginning of the film which stated a Blair Witch myth about this. Then the camera falls to the ground...


Who knows? Maybe Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 will tell us. It is directed by Joe Berlinger, who also made the best documentary of all time - Paradise Lost, and its follow-up. Let's just say he did a better job trying to free the West Memphis Three than he did with Book of Shadows.

I think I shall give the sequel a watch before the week's out...

Could it be that The Blair Witch Project is the best film of the week???

Tune in tomorrow for the Tuesday Week-End Review!!!
The Blair Witch Project is a surprisingly excellent horror movie which kept me spell bound to the screen for the entire time I was in the theatre. I am not a horror movie lover mainly because recently all horror movies are really CRAP!!! This one though was really done well and I wish the people who made the Ring and Gothika would go and take some lessons from the people who made the Blair Witch Project on how to actually make people terrified.

This movie is good. Really, it's great. It was just so surprising all the time, you never knew really what was going to happened. Heather Donahue, wow, they couldn't have found a woman better for the role...the plot's great, the story line stunning and the actors...GREAT JOB!The acting (well, I HOPE it was acting!) was well done. The teenagers make an interesting and compelling portrayal of their characters. I have always admired Heather Donahue and this serves to keep that high opinion in tact. Technically, the direction, filming and editing are well done, but not outstanding in any way.I love a good scare, when it's not accompanied by gratuitous gore. This fit the bill nicely. I look at it as fiction, despite the notice that it's based on true events, and it was an enjoyable fictional movie. Very, very creepy.A nice idea, and good execution of that idea make this a foreign film to see. The film does have a few cliche moments, but don't let that distract you from the film itself. It's very clever, very scary in bits, and the final twist is worth waiting for.
Yesterday I went to Dakota's house with elissa. We watch Blair witch Project which i really like. The game ninja gaiden is awesome>It is a great Ninja Game.

I have been listening to smile empty soul today I love their cd. It is one of few that I could listento the whole cd without hateing one song.
At movie night I was forced to watch the Blair witch project. I didn't really like it. I couldn't really hear any of it.. what with all the comments. Everyone kept referring to "the junk in the trunk". Apparently they found the girl character's butt huge. Her voice really grated on me, she sounded so pretenious when she would read outloud. Josh commented that she sounded like some annoying drama girl. Ick. Anyway i didn't like it.
Ok here is what i got out of this movie.
There were 3 people who are making a documentary about this local urban legend type story about a woman called the Blair Witch. It starts normal with them packing and interviewing locals about it. then they go off into the woods and camp. They see these piles of rocks and these stick people things that I recognized from the cover of the video. Then the map gets lost somehow and they all start screaming at eachother. Then it escalates into more screaming and swearing. Apparently something is chasing them, then it ends.
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