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The Big Wedding 2013

A long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding...

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This movie was funny and i enjoyed it.
Not being one for wedding movies, this was actually a decent film. The all star cast really brings this movie together. I am really going to miss Robin Williams. RIP Mr. Williams...Thank you for all the times you brought laughter into my life...I wish that I could have returned the laughter that you gave me, back to you. You are truly one of a kind.
I thought this movie was funny and emotional at times...I liked it. Also great actors!
The movie was cool but the ending spoils it. Too many uncool issues. Susan Sarandon has aged well and looks soo beautiful wit her red hair Diane looks like a prune.
At the begining it was ok even funny then i don't know what happend but the last part was awful !
Watched this last night i loved this movie, Great cast
Keaton, De Niro, Williams, Sarandon - how can anyone misdirect such an accomplished cast? Obviously, Zackham can. And he does so in a way that should be punishable by a jail time. What a waste! The story is null!!! The script is atrocious. The whole thing is boring, empty and embarrassing. I give it 2.5/10 and 6 months of penitentiary to Zackham.
Aww! Thank you sweetie! next time (PM) a mod for me lol
I appreciate my Freedom.
Thank you @Frznfenix for setting me FREE.
Not a bad flick I give it a 7.5/10. Cheers..
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De Niro is good as always, to bad I can't say the same about the movie as a whole. Ridiculous. 4/10 just because of colombian sister
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