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The Big Lebowski 1998

"The Dude" Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it...

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Imdb rating: 8.2

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The Dude abides. Weird but funny movie.
Lol! a instant classic! weird but lovable, very funny movie.
ONE OF MY FAVORITES..been studying jeff bridges since SEA HUNT..always a pleasure to watch him act..this movie contains one of the best "spit takes" ever..john goodman and steve buscemi don't hurt the story either..the cohen brothers are masters..the hilarity begins with the intro and sets the mood for the story..FUNNY FLICK.
A classic. Must've seen it a dozen times, still as funny as ever. Jeff Bridges kills it. 'The Dude abides,' indeed! A+ :)
this movie sucks
Although I wouldn't call it a definite classic, The Big Lebowski delivers (but just barely) what it promises; Humor and good, honest performances by the cast. The story of "The Dude" is a funny and worthwhile one overall, but the film is far from perfect. But, nevertheless, it sports a clever script, and interesting visuals, which is more than enough to make The Big Lebowski JUST passable in my book. Nothing special. Nothing awful. Nevertheless a better than average comedy.

This is the story of "The Dude". The plot starts off with introducing "The Dude's" slacker character. The Dude quickly is involved in a money scandal, which we learn about more in-depth later on. But, The Dude's life is not one of crime, pain, or money (At least not yet). The Dude is a passionate bowler. This passion has gained him two good friends over the years; Walter and Donny. The three friends hapilly spend their effortless and pointless days bowling for sport against other teams. But, soon the story takes a turn. You see, "The Dude's" real name happens to be Jeffery Lebowski. It so happens that the people who pissed on his rug, and attempted to drown "The Dude" in the begining were looking for a man who had the last name "Lebowski". They clearly have the wrong man. So as The Dude gets more involved with the life of this other Lebowski, his own life begins to change rapidly. Soon, he's chasing after the man's runaway wife, fighting off gangs of nihilists, and so on. As with most comedies, this can get quite predictable, and it doesn't have a solid enough narrative. But.....the dialogue is witty enough to make it funny and enjoyable. Just don't expect to get anything new narrative wise out of the film.

The acting is most definitely one of the best aspects of The Big Lebowski. Jeff Bridges is hilarious as "The Dude". He brings a lot of quirk to his character. John Goodman, who I thought was the best actor of all of the cast, plays Walter, the man with the serious temper issues. Donny is played by the widely talented Steve Buscemi. And they even have a clever little cameo from Philip Seymour Hoffman thrown in there! Nice cast, and good performances.

The music choice for the soundtrack was good. Better than most comedies. You got a little Bob Dylan and The Gypsy Kings, and then you have a little bit of Bob Nolan thrown in there. Unique, right?

Another thing that is on the bright side of The Big Lebowski is the humor. Although it isn't "laugh so hard you cry" humor, the laughs are fairly solid for a comedy film. I felt that John Goodman's performance was the most hilarious thing about the film. The only problem with the humor is the fact that some of it is pretty crass. I'm not a real fan of "raunchy humor", because that's never really the outrageous stuff. At least not to me. But, when there's no nude shots, or mild sex scenes going on, The Big Lebowski is pretty darn funny.

I think it's clear that The Coen Brothers are at their best when they're not doing a comedy. So far, their comedies aren't exactly accurate representations of their typical genius work, even if their comedies are funnier than SOME people's. Oh well. I suppose I'd rather watch Jeff Bridges and John Goodman scream at each-other over a game of bowling than watch Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly beat each-other up over a blue drum-set. And in the end, I appreciate The Big Lebowski's ability to avoid such idiotic behavior. It takes a big comedy indeed to do that.
After hearing a lot of hype about it, I finally cracked and got The Big Lebowski. While it certainly didn't bump No Country For Old Men from the top spot of my favorite Coen brother films, it still didn't make me regret buying it either. I would rank it at number two. I actually can see myself growing more and more in to it as I watch it a few more times.

Jeff Bridges is perfect as Jeff Lebowski, the Dude. The Dude is a mellow unemployed bowler with a 'fuck it' attitude, that really has a thing for White Russians and pajamas. His character was actually the first thing that pulled me into the story. John Goodman in one of his five appearances in a Coen brother film, is actually hilarious as Walter. My favorite moments are the times that he tells Steve Buscemi's character "Shut the fuck up, Donnie!"

I really enjoyed this movie all the way through, but it could have been better. One thing i had a problem with were the dream scenes where the Dude would either be flying over Los Angeles, running from Russians with scizzors, or some other psychedelic figure. Fortunately, there are only a few of these dream sequences. Besides that, my only other complaint is that, as extreme the events of the film were, I never really felt excited.

In the end, The Big Lebowski is funny enough, and the performances were great. So this movie was worth the purchase.
This is a masterpiece. This Coen Brothers movie is epic. It only gets better the more you watch it.
The Coen Brothers are cinematic geniuses; this is fact. They continue to break the mold of traditional Hollywood movies with each release, and The Big Lebowski may just be their most iconic film to date. To try and describe the plot would be doing this movie a huge disservice because it may sound ludicrous, but the end result is a thoroughly entertaining smorgasbord of dark humor and strange antics. Jeff Bridges delivers one of my favorite performances of all time as The Dude, an audaciously lazy man who gets caught up in an identity crisis and has to deal with the whacky situations that follow. His performance is worth the watch by itself. The casting in this movie couldn't have been any better. John Goodman as The Dude's best friend Walter is absolutely terrific. He's the friend that always has your back even if he screws everything up. Even in the supporting roles Steve Buscemi and John Turturo bring a lot of life into the movie. The Big Lebowski delves into a world of obsessive bowling between grown men, ferret-toting nihilists, kidnapped trophy wives, White Russians, In'n'Out Burgers, Vietnam veterans and the adult "film" business. I could go on all day. With their sharp dialogue, stand out visuals and hilarious characters, the Coen Brothers deliver another instant classic and quite possibly the most quotable movie ever made. 85%
A fantastic film, absolutely the Coen brothers' finest moment. My favorite film of all time.
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