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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford 2007

Robert Ford, who's idolized Jesse James since childhood, tries hard to join the reforming gang of the Missouri outlaw, but gradually becomes resentful of the bandit leader...

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Imdb rating: 7.6

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What a stellar film. Even though it is a fairly lengthy film, and not very action packed, it kept me enthralled... Now it's your turn to tell me a tale.
and this is not an action movie. its a movie that tells the story of maybe the coolest, most badass outlaw we've ever seen. a must watch for REAL movie watchers. if u need a big bang or all that bs they put into movies nowadays then this isn't prolly for you. but if you enjoy really good movies with great plots, cast, acting then this is for you.
@Dougernaut I agree with you. Awesome movie and it stacks up with those great movies that came out the same year. Im a big Brad Pitt fan anyway. Hes such a talent. I tend to really enjoy his work.
This film honestly gets better every time I watch it. Shame it came out the same year as 'There Will Be Blood' & 'No Country For Old Men' because the competition effectively left this movie under-watched & under-rated. Its an unrecognised masterpiece that brilliantly deals with existentialism, celebrity obsession & the myth taking over the man. At 2hr40mins its long, but well worth it. 10/10
I have so much to say for this beautiful film. First off thumbs up and stand up applause for Casey Affleck for his stunning performance and best acting he has ever done. Same goes with Brad pitt, Sam rockwell, Jeremy renner, and Sam Shepard. A-plus as well goes to the amazing, breath taking cinematography. Although this film was shot in Canada and not in missouri or any of the places mentioned in this movie, the landscape and open plains/hills are so beautifully taken.
Music is another component to this movie that without it, it just wouldnt be as satisfying. Nick cave and Warren Ellis are the best composers for this film indeed. After seeing this movie a handful of times i had to own the soundtrack. The emotion that the music brings with the emotion from the assassination itself made me cry! Another thing i wanted to add to this review is the length of this movie. It is not at all a huge waste of time, every minute of it was needed to build up what was to come later on in the movie. I absolutely love this movie and recomend it to anyone who likes a serious and dark movie with a good long story and awesome dialouge.
Beautiful looking film that may drag a bit for some, but is a very compelling western. Casey Affleck's performance is brilliant and you definitely end up feeling sympathetic for his character.
This movie is ridiculously good, the mood set for this timepiece is one that makes you feel all the right emotions at the right time and the score does a great job in aiding that process. The awkward portrayl of Robert Ford by Casey Affleck is spot making him one of my favorite young actors with a fantastic career ahead of him. Sam Rockwell is great as usual and Brad Pitt does a fine job of portraying the infamous Jessie James. Andrew Dominik creates such an epic scope for this movie that it dominates the senses and takes you in.

I do feel that this movie will be forgotten though, it did not get much oscar reconition and that is a damn shame. One of my top movies of 2007.

P.S. Track no.19 on the soundtrack titled "The Water Song" was used by one of my dear friends in her wedding she actually walked out to it! It really fit perfectly. If you have not heard the song I suggest that you go to youtube and listen to it. This song along with four others is not actually featured in the movie and they are avalible for download via Rapidshare in a link on the youtube website.
it's like chocolate with chili, it's new, surprising, it has both sweetness and spiciness, and it does taste intresting for some time, but at the end you don't end up buying it for any other reason than to show how cool it is to your friends. and the same is here, characters are great, acting too, it looks astonishingly good, but it lacks essence that would pull you back to it - it lacks story, there is not enough plot for 160min. But is sooo beautiful that i'll give it 100%, even though i won't see it again any time soon.
Brad Pitt could have just fallen asleep on the set and your would have gotten the same thing.
A movie with seriously beautiful cinematography is a real treat. I like treats. Some even hold a place in my heart. This is one of those treats. Spectacular acting by Casey Affleck for that added cherry on top. Must see more than once.
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