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The Apparition 2012

A couple is haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment...

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Solar rating: 6.7


Imdb rating: 4.1

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meh ... ummm ..mhmm .. errr was okayish ..lacked a certain something, as fanofsouthpark said , worth a one time watch.
I like unhappy endings but it sucks it happened to my future wife.
This was just an ok movie with great effects, average acting and the plot isn't too predictable. Worth a one time watch.
It was a really good idea for a plot, and I really liked the effect of how things were getting absorbed into other things, but I feel like it was really convoluted. I'll give this a 7.5/10 because I thought they were really onto something in this film, but they didn't quite execute these interesting ideas in the best way. And maybe I'm just being a stickler, but I can get past the psychology of how "entities are created when we believe in them." But the whole "Reverse the EEG frequency" thing and what they were trying to do wasn't something I could "suspend my disbeliefs." I think that when movies use a ton of science, they should at least make it "scientifically plausible" or something that I can think, "Ok, that's obviously not true, but it's not something that's COMPLETELY nonsensical"
it was OK, 5.6 out of 10
Good One time watch movie..
kinda sucked because (in my opinion) the beginning was the most interesting part lol
sooooo goood i loved it i couldnt sleep after watching it lol
much better than alll the paranormal activity movies not scary at all actually made laugh lol

This movie was horrible IMBD gives it 4.2 I give it 2.

Awful movie with no scares whatsoever. Thanks for posting the HD links, though. Now I wish you would do the same for Parnorman & Lawless, pretty please

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