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The Amazing Spider-Man 2012

After Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically altered spider, he gains newfound, spider-like powers and ventures out to solve the mystery of his parent's mysterious death...

Release Date:
July 2, 2012, UTC
136 min
Marc Webb
Michael Massee, Kent Shocknek, Irrfan Khan, ...
Thriller, Action, Adventure, ...

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Solar rating:8.2


Imdb rating:7.1

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Can't believe how good this was. Willem Dafoe would have made a better Dennis RodMiller but it was still aight. Emma stone rocked it and so did the spiderman kid. Made me laugh out loud and cry out quiet. Edge of my seat for all but a few moments.
Well, this can't be any worse than the abomination that Spiderman 3 was!
This was a very good movie. Personally I think it was way better than the previous movies with Toby Maguire. I never thought that Toby played a convincing Spider-man. Andrew Garfield fits the role way better. I can't wait to see the next one.
well this movie it's a kind of more realistic than the other three and all the affections are great and i find it awesome . i can not wait to watch the second part today.
So much better than the first three. I do wonder why the whole story is being told ll over again.
WOOHOO!! way to go spiderman!! gotta love comic book heroes ... i sure do ... good story line, good acting ... you cant ask for more than that ...
Spider-Man sure doesn't like to wear that mask. Every time he came around the corner, he had done taken it off again. He should have made a mask more similar to Robin's, so his face could get more air.
It was a fine for what it is, but I am not sure the series needed a reboot other than for Hollywood to make some money.
I will say this for this version - had I not seen the Toby McGuire versions, this would have been a fun romp. So for those newcomers to the story, you won't be disappointed.
Don't really like spiderman that much but thought I'd watch it again as new 1 is out I have to say the new film looks quite good coated 2 this.
@Dejin I always though this was a prequel. I don't know where I got that information from. I've never seen this. I wanted to when it came out in theaters but never got around to it.
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