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The Alamo 1960

In 1836 General Santa Anna and the Mexican army is sweeping across Texas. To be able to stop him, General Sam Houston needs time to get his main force into shape. To buy that time he orders...

Release Date:
October 24, 1960
167 min
John Wayne ...
John Wayne, William Henry, Chuck Roberson, Dean Smith, Richard Boone, Charles Akins, Patrick Wayne, Rudy Robbins, Tom Hennesy, Cliff Lyons, Bill Shannon, Frankie Avalon, Charles Sanders, Jack Pennick, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Denver Pyle, George Ross, Fred Graham, Hank Worden, Richard Widmark, Danny Borzage, Joe Jackson, Chill Wills, Aissa Wayne, Big John Hamilton, John Dierkes, Ted White, Jim Brewer, Joseph Calleia, Laurence Harvey, Bill Williams, Chuck Hayward, Eddie Juaregui, Bob Morgan, Jack Williams, Jim Wright, Jim Burk, Ken Curtis, Toni Wayne, Chief Tahachee, Buff Brady, Joe Canutt, Tap Canutt, Boyd 'Red' Morgan, Gil Perkins, Jester Hairston, Jerry Phillips, Ed Riley, Veda Ann Borg, Mickey Finn, Robert H. Harris, Wesley Lau, John Hudkins, Jack Miller, Leroy Johnson, Joan O'Brien, Linda Cristal, Carlos Arruza, Bill Daniel, Olive Carey, Ruben Padilla, Ray Ackland, Harold Allgood, Lee Allison, D.E. Barentine, Carol Baxter, Abe Blankenship, F. Bode, Paul Breen, Joe Canutt, A.R. Carpenter, Ed Carter, Georges Cartes, Vincente Castro, Raul De Luna, LeJean Eldridge, Rojelio Estrada, Estill Ezell, Manuel Farias, Rosita Fernández, Gerry Fisher, Karl Flenn, Miguel Garza, Yndalecio Gonzales, Mike Goulla, Joe Graham, Frank Higgins, Doug Hodges, Junior Hudkins, Elmo Jones, Wayne Kendrick, Jim Kennedy, Charles Kone, David Kuykendall, Ronald Lee, Efrain Maldonada, Cy Malis, Bryan McAfee, John McGuyer, Doug McNealy, Don Middlebrook, J.R. Miller, Bob Moss Sr., C.A. Nicks, Ray Ochoa, Dale Parsons, Homer Pierce, Lee Roy Powell, Lupe Reyes, Warren Rhea, Cruz Rodriquez, Eleno Rodriquez, Ricardo Rosales, Bob Rose, LeRoy Ryland, Alberto Sandoval, Guadalupe Santoya, Pete Schneider, Ben Shirley, Chester Smith, Dan Smith, George Sofge, Greg Souquet, Jack Spain, Jerry Sterner, Winner Stevens, Ted Sumerall, Alfred Taylor, Martin Torres, Julian Trevino, Jesse Valdez, Charles Veltmann Jr., Jim Walker, Pilar Wayne, Clay Wilson, Thomas Worrell, Laurence Harvey, Bob Harris, Joe Jackson, Jim Brewer, George Ross, Bill Williams, Jim Wright, Teresa Champion, Willie 'El Curro' Champion ...
Drama, History, Action, Western, Adventure, War ...

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The Alamo (1960, John Wayne) **½

Wayne's solo directorial debut. Too much time spent with exposition of famous characters (Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie), and as a result the first half of the film really crawls. Melodramatic subplot details Crockett's developing relationship with a Mexican woman, only to have him send her away when the action gets too rough. Highlight of the film is the final siege, particularly the cannon exchanges. After two hours into the film and no blood (despite numerous shootings and stabbings), I was afraid this was going to turn into a Disney-fied affair. No fear! The blood starts showing by the end.

The DVD makes it apparent why the film won an Oscar for Sound. The 5.1 mix makes active use of the rear soundstage.

(JOHN WAYNE, 1960)
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John Wayne did outstanding job on this film. Itwas overlooked at the Academy Awards and unjustifiably so. It was beautiful, costumes were outstanding and true to type. Actors were wonderful and I believe it should've been more acknowledged for great job they did in portraying those truly brave men at the Alamo! THe music is an experience, beautiful and haunting. The horses and scenery were beautiful. Everything was just amazing.

The Alamo (1960)

Despite a vast amount of historical inaccuracies this was a pretty fun movie. It's not an amazing movie but it's fun to watch. The action and battle sequences had to have been top notch for 1960.
a great movie a must have. buy it
:fresh: Although The Alamo is far from being a perfect film, it is still good because this movie was made with passion and was a hard work that John Wayne directed, produced and acted with the biggest care he could. Richard Widmark as Jim Bowie was perfect, R.I.P., master actor. The battle scenes are incredible, the society of the age are portrayed very accurately, the problem here is that Wayne abused, there are a lot of minutes that could have been edited and make this picture a little more agile. The music was fine but sometimes it had nothing to do with the situation that was happening at the moment.
** (out of four)

The Duke put is heart and soul into directing his overly patriotic flag-waving epic about those who defended the small mission, known as the Alamo.

I like John Wayne and respect many of his films, but he pushes the sentiment too far in this long and dull film that is more concerned with overly emotional speaches and uninspired dialogue.
Great movie that's fairly accurate (unlike these days). Full of suspense but drags on for a long time. John Wayne could have done better.
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