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one of my fav Jodie Foster movies, this one is sadly based on a true case .. the victim is now deceased, from a car accident. May she rest in peace from the hell she went through.


Can someone please post a megavideo link

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The Accused

I normally don't really go for courtroom stuff, but this movie is riveting. By now, 16 years later, we've seen this sort of thing many times, but in 1988 the rape subject was not as intricately explored as it is now. I'm sure there had been films about rape victims, but in this film there are intriguingly fuzzy morals at hand, although we know the rape occured and that there were three men guilty of it. The most interesting part of this film is when the other men in the bar are prosecuted for egging on the rapists and encouraging them by cheering and chanting.

Jodie Foster gives an outstanding, career-making performance as Sarah Tobias, the rape victim. She is not completely likable, she drinks a lot, smokes pot and is kind of a slut. Despite that, we care about her and know that she was violated.

We don't actually see the rape scene until late in the movie, but it is harrowing and relentless. And long. It's not overly violent or sexually explicit, but seeing Jodie Foster suffer and some of the men in the bar (unfortunately portrayed rather one-dimensionally) showing excitement and encouragement of the rape is very unpleasant and effectively staged.

The second major character in the film is Sarah's attorney Katheryn, who is written much more flatly than Sarah. She is played competently by Kelly McGillis, but is not terribly memorable, mostly due to flat writing and sudden, unexplored changes of mind in the character. Kelly McGillis was a bigger star than Foster at the time (due mostly to Top Gun), but after this it was Foster all the way, especially once Foster won her first Oscar for this film (and deservedly so).

While mostly watchable for Jodie Foster's performance, The Accused is a solid and compelling drama with an interesting angle.

:fresh: 7.5/10

School of Rock

Jack Black is hilarious in this entertaining but forgettable comedy. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while watching it but it has made no lasting impression on me. Joan Cusack is also great, as are all the young actors who play Black's class/band.

Not much needs to be said about this film... it's a simple story, very well executed, moderately funny and a good slice of entertainment. It lacks somewhat in originality and could have done with a funnier script, as most of the laughs are due to Jack Black's persona rather than wit inherent in the script.

I'd have to disagree with Tilda Swinton who "believes that School of Rock is the best film of the last ten years", but nonetheless it is an enjoyable film and one of the better comedies of late.

:fresh: 6.5-7/10
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Saw all of these a long time ago. Maybe I'll add words later....
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The Accused is by far one of the most brutal, honest, and brutal force packed together that stands out in this movie. the thing that helps this movie even further is Jodie Foster's oscar winning performance as the rape victim which is solid, action packed, and emotionally gut-wrenching to watch, yet you can't help but wander what will happen next.

L.A. Confidential is best summed up in 3 words: bold, daring, courageous. in 1950's Hollywood where there is scandal, politics, and prostitution that makes Sin City look like the Golden Age of Hollywood plus prostitution. Russell Crowe proves that he can act and that he can easily get angry as well. Kim Basinger and Guy Pearce also star in this thriller that will creep you out and leave chills in your spine

The Wedding Date is supposed to be a romantic comedy, except it lacks the comedy. Debra Messing plays a single woman who pays $6,000 for a male escort to be her date to her sister's wedding in London. Dermot Mulroney's character was very mysterious in terms of placement, especially when he popped into places that was sort of, well how can i put this...awkward. in the process of the whole movie leads to drama before the wedding that almost cancels itself out.

Million Dollar Baby is also a daring move to make with a female boxer. this is brutal and gut-wrenching to the very end. Clint Eastwood's film makes the movie Ali look like child's play. there is so much emotion in this story that follows up with outstanding acting, and thoughts of the unknown of what one little mistake in the ring of a boxing match that might change a person's life forever. this is my #1 film of 2005 and finally gave attention to some well deserved actors.
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