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The 40-Year-Old Virgin 2005

a.k.a. "The 40 Year Old Virgin"

Goaded by his buddies, a nerdy guy who's never "done the deed" only finds the pressure mounting when he meets a single mother...

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Epic Comedy!

The 40 Year-Old Virgin was a decent summer comedy, and much better than recent films like Dodgeball and Anchorman. Being a Steve Carell (The Office, Bruce Almighty) and Judd Apatow (Freaks and Geeks) fan, I definitely felt let down by the film. Carell's good, as are his love interests in the film, Catherine Keener and Elizabeth Banks, but the film was mostly the same stuff over and over, and it got a bit repetitive.

Steve Carell plays Andy, a guy that works in a electronics store and during poker night, lets his co-workers know that he's a virgin. It becomes their mission to get him laid, as well as help him learn about women. That's pretty much it, and two hours of it. There are some really funny parts, as well as some jokes that don't really work, but the audience I saw it with seemed to really, really like it.

So if you liked Anchorman or Dodgeball, and films like that, then you'd definitely like this one a lot. If you weren't a fan of those, then I'd go ahead and stay away unless you really like Steve Carell.


Heather Graham produced the upcoming film called Cake, which she also stars in, about a woman who takes over her father's bridal magazine after he has a heart attack. She's a woman who doesn't have relationships, and sleeps around a lot, and doesn't ever want to get married. But of course, things change when she meets a guy that works for the magazine, and so on. Blah. I don't know if I've ever said here, but to a certain extent, I like romantic comedies. Well, depending on who the stars are I guess. I really like Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, etc., and while I think Heather Graham is a talented actress, I don't know if she's really cut out for romantic comedy. Or at least she needs a better script.


David Gordon Green's George Washington was pretty good, but a bit of a let down after loving All the Real Girls. Visually, it's a really amazing film, and all the actors are great. And the story, up until a certain point, is great. And then something happens, and it's just a huge letdown. I know the movie could have gone a different way, and could have been really great. I don't know which way, but any other way would have been better. I think George Washington is worth a watch just for the acting and cinematography, and the way the film feels.


Polish Vampire from Burbank!!!!! Fuck yes, this movie rocks. Okay, had I not been blown out of my fucking mind, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed it as much, but I think it still would have been good. It's a horror comedy sort of like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra about a virgin vampire, in the sense he's never bitten anyone. It's about time he learns to do it, and his mom takes him out to go meet his pray, where he comes across this woman at a movie theatre who loves vampire films. The perfect match. The only problem is, he falls in love, and instead of biting her, he wants to confess that he's a vampire to her. It's really cheesy, but oh so fucking good. Really. Another good, but random aspect, and anyone not from LA might not find it funny, but it takes place in the valley, which has girls notorious, although not really true, for being really stupid, and using the word "like" and stuff like that a lot. So it makes fun of valley girls too. Anyway, Polish Vampire from Burbank is really awesome, and can be rented from Netflix, but I'm not sure how much I recommend it sober.


Flirting with Disaster was a really amazing comedy, directed by David O. Russell (Three Kings, I Heat Huckabees) about Mel (Ben Stiller), a guy looking for his real parents, along with his wife Nancy (Patricia Arquette) and a woman (Tea Leoni) form the adoption agenecy who's documenting the meeting. We go with these three people across the country, and through many different hilarious moments while they're searching for Mel's parents. It really is a great film, and the acting, Ben Still included, is great. But most of all, I really loved the story, all the quirky characters, and Tea Leoni.
Trailer Rating: Steve Carell of Daily Show fame stars in this movie. If you don't know what this movie is about or how it could be funny by now then this isn't for you. One point of note, watching Steve Carell act like an idiot has yet to get old to me. That may be because I avoided his remake of The Office TV show, but none the less I'm ready for this movie.

I got to go to a sneak preview of this last night, and I absolutely loved it. It exceeded all of my admittedly low expectations. The plot of the movie you can guess, and the R rating lets you know that there will be abundant crude humor and drug use. But what you wouldn't guess is that this movie is actually really well done. Great comic and dramatic acting, great writing, great character development...This is the best comedy to come out in years. Usually a comedy is simply a series of jokes, some of the jokes work, and some do not. Meanwhile, the plot and characters are riding in the backseat. But this movie delicately balances the characters, plot, and humor perfectly. I was constantly laughing, never bored, and never annoyed by a joke that wasn't working or a forced dramatic moment. I hope Judd Apatow gets to make many more movies.

Go see this movie, it is fantastic.
I saw this movie a month or so ago at one of those special screenings. I didn't think too much of the movie, but the ending is almost worth the price of admission. But be advised that I say this having not paid to see the movie.
These are My Favorite things

First off, look at the poster. Seriously. Funniest damn poster ever.

The movie is no let down. Let's get the facts straight and not beat around the bush - this movie is FUNNY. The first hour of the movie is non-stop laughs. My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling constantly.

There is a flaw however. It drags towards the end. The movie is easily 20-25 minutes too long. Paul Rudd is a great actor and does a good job, but he seems somewhat mis-casted in the role.

On the flip side, Steve Carell is AWESOME. He's great in The Office and the Daily Show and this comedy was PERFECT. I cannot wait for his adaptation of Get Smart.

Tons of laughs; definitely worth checking out. Stay until the end as well, it's worth watching the sequence during the credits.
Movie Review: 40 Year Old Virgin

The summer of 2005 has seen the reemergence of the R rated sex comedy genre. It all started with July's "Wedding Crashers," and the lucky streak hopes to continue to this weekend in mid August with "The 40 Year Old Virgin." Being in the target demo for a movie like this, I'm 18, male, and a college student, I was excited to see it. I've been waiting for this movie since I first starting seeing its previews months ago. But unfortunately for me, I was mildly disappointed. "The 40 Year Old Virgin" does not provide the laughs that I expected, or even a truly sufficient amount of comedy. It was nothing extraordinary, rather a run of the mill comedy that I happened to see.

"The 40 Year Old Virgin's" plot should be pretty self explanatory. Steve Carell (Anchorman, NBC's The Office) plays Andy Stitzer, a simple although slightly nerdy 40 year old man who works in an electronics store. He also happens to have an enormous collection of action figures, all of which are in their original boxes, which are proudly displayed throughout his apartment. Soon his co-workers uncover a secret about him, and they are shocked to learn that after all these years, he is still a virgin. Well being typical friends, they try and find a way for him to lose his virginity. Andy soon falls for a woman named Trish (Catherine Keener) who runs a store across the street, and who is a single mother of three, as well as a grandmother. But there is still a problem. Andy is still nervous about having sex, and Trish thinks it would better if they hold off for a while. The rest of the movie deals with his relationship with her, and overcoming his shy nature and "fear" of sex.

I'm not an avid viewer of "The Daily Show," so I have never really seen Steve Carell all that much. Regardless, I was impressed. He was pretty funny as the nerdy Andy. He acted like such a goofball, that you actually feel bad for him, even though he doesn't feel bad for himself. His performance wasn't amazing, but I would like to see him in another movie. Surprisingly the supporting cast wasn't bad either; especially Jay (Romany Malco) who provided the few laughs that weren't from Carell. Sadly, even with a good lead actor and supporting cast the movie falters. It just is not that funny. The majority of the funny parts were those already shown in the trailers, and they didn't generate as much humor, because I'd already seen those dozens of times beforehand. Although, the line about Kelly Clarkson will make me smile for years to come, because who wouldn't yell out the name of an American Idol winner?

The movie runs almost a full two hours, but it seems to go on much longer. The first part of the movie just drags itself out and makes you wonder if the movie will actually be worth the price of admission. Even some of the scenes are too long. While the chest waxing scene was funny the first few times, did the audience really need to sit through it over and over again, with the subjects of his screams getting worse and worse? I think the main problem with the comedy lies in the fact that it is not consistent. While there are a few funny parts, there are large gaps in between. And the ending musical number was just plain boring. While I laughed at the end scene, it should have just ended there. But when the main characters break into a musical number, it's just stupid. Except for this one minor problem with the music, I do have to say that some of the background songs made the movie. When Lionel Richie's "Hello" comes on, it fits the mood so well, that I did find myself laughing more that everything previous in the movie. I am not going to spoil the ending, although you can probably guess what will happen without even seeing the movie. Yes it's predictable, but come on, did you think it wouldn't be?

"The 40 Year Old Virgin" was not something that I would write home over. It just wasn't up to the comedic level it could have been. And it is not a highlight of this summer's movie lineup. Most people will probably end up renting the DVD as opposed to seeing the movie in theaters anyway, and that is what I recommend. Even die hard Carell fans will not see this as an amazing movie. While I mentioned that he is great, he cannot save the movie. But overall, the movie isn't exactly terrible; it just doesn't get above the average mark either. If you desperately need to see a sex comedy this weekend, then see "Wedding Crashers," because this "Virgin" is not worth the wait.
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