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That Thing You Do! 1996

A Pennsylvania band scores a hit in 1964 and rides the star-making machinery as long as it can, with lots of help from its manager...

Release Date:
October 4, 1996
108 min
Tom Hanks
Alex Rocco, Robert Wisdom, Giovanni Ribisi, ...
Drama, Comedy, Music ...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 6.8



One of my favorite movies of all time: That Thing You Do
A story about how a garage band in the 60s rises to number one! To put it simply. Also stars four of my favorite Hollywood stars: Tom Evertett Scott, Liv Tyler, Steve Zahn, and last but NOT least, the talented Mr. Tom Hanks

The Wonders

That Thing You Do
You doin' that thing you do
Breakin' my heart into a million pieces, like you always do
And you don't mean to be cruel,
You never even knew about the heartache I've been goin' through
Well I try and try to forget you girl, but it's just so hard to do,
Every time you do that thing you do
I know all the games you play,
And I'm going to find away to let you know that you'll be mine someday,
'Cause we could be happy, can't you see,
If you don't let me be the one to hold you,
And keep you here with me.
'Cause I try and try to forget you girl, but it's just so hard to do
Every time you do that thing you do that thing you
I don't ask a lot girl (I don't ask a lot)
But I know one thing's for sure, (know one thing's for sure)
It's your love I haven't got girl,
And I just can't take it anymore
'Cause we could be happy, can't you see,
If you don't let me be the one to hold you,
And keep you here with me,
'Cause it hurts me so just to see you go around with someone new
And if I know you, you're doin' that that thing;
Everyday just doin' that thing;
I can't take you doin' that thing you do

Nothing great, but it's good fun and I like it.

Comments pending.
LOVE THIS MOVIE! it's fun, it's exciting, and surprisingly it reminds me alot of The Commitments. Good movie, good music. Liv Tyler is hot and Tom Hanks knows how to direct. Best part of the movie is the hundreds of times that they sing That thing you do. It is about this Guy ironically named Guy who plays the drums that joins this band after their other drummer falls and breaks his arm. They compete for some money and win and then from there they are on cloud 9. sigining contracts record deals the whole she bang. but things get a little bit more complicated towards the end.

Jenna :D

Guy Patterson (Tom Everett Scott) is a drummer living in 1964 Pennsylvania, who just joined a small time band named the Oneders (that's pronounced "wonders" not "oh-need-ers"). Their first gig is a high school dance and as he tries and gets through the lead singer's new balad, "That Thing You Do" boredom gets the better of him and he steps up the tempo. The song is a smash and begins to draw attention. They cut a single and the next thing they know they're signing a deal with a representative from Playtone Records (Tom Hanks) and begin touring.

The movie works in a number of different ways. First it captures a pop industry in transition. The innocence of the fifties was still in the air and bands still made singles, not albums. The movie bops right along with a lot of energy as it covers the meteoric rise of these four young, and very different men. Guy is the professional, the "smart one", the musician of the group. Jimmy (Jon Schaech) is the lead singer, the moody artist who has along his high school sweetheart Faye (Liv Tyler). We follow these people, along with the two other band members, as they each deal with their success in different ways. There is even a nice romance story involving Faye and the increasingly distant Jimmy.

This represents Hanks first time in the director's chair and he keeps things humming right along. As fun and energetic as the title song (which you get to hear at least half a dozen times, though it never tires) this is a movie that is sure to please most everyone.

That Thing You Do

I know I am in a serious minority here, but.......Has some nice moments (e.g. when the radio plays their song for the first time, the teenager's excitement is pretty infectious, its very cute), but overrall it left me cold. It felt disjointed, no time at all was spent on character development or emotional attachment between the characters, so all the dialogue seemed to come out of nowhere. Not ONE interaction seemed genuine. The "funny" guy was not, the "intense-arsehole-artist" seemed to turn into the arsehole for no apparent reason, and with no forewarning. Hank attempted to add some nice little touches, (kinda try-hard Spielberg in that sense), but most of them just made me go "huh?" because they were pointless, a good director would have made them seem like little quirks that fit in with the whole idea. And THAT song is played WAY too many times. :mad:

Blech. Annoying.

Directed by Tom Hanks, That Thing You Do is a delightful little diddy that follows a band, The Wonders, as they travel through small beginnings and make the big time. Set in 1964, the film feels like the early 60's, full of light hearted fun and bright.

You will have to like two things for this film to work.
You will need to love the title song, "That Thing You Do" as it plays about 100 times in three different variations. You will have to believe Liv Tyler is a passable actress. There are some very strong performances in the film. Steve Zahn is great as the wise cracking, skirt chasing lead guitarist. And of course, Tom Hanks shines as Mr. White, the band's manager.

You won't take anything away from the film (except that damn catchy title track), yet the it's a fun love letter to early rock n roll, in a time when things were a bit simpler.

"The strange thing is that even though Hanks bungles the big moments, he does so many things right with the small moments that it is easy to walk away with a smile."
Odd... the last part of my list are all pretty much ranked well as I put the lists together in no particular order...

The Recruit
I was surprisingly entertained with The Recruit. Pacino was the same old Pacino - no surprise, Colin Farrel was the same Colin Farrel, no surprise, Bridget Moynahan was cute, no biggie... but the story was actually something I liked. I like all that CIA crap since I was seriously thinking of getting into the CIA after college. Instead. I opened a comic book store. Go figure. Exciting movie. Watch it.

I think this is my favorite Disney movie. The songs, the story, the adventure. It's great. Jake & Bella enjoyed it too!

The Nightmare before Christmas
How many times did I have to put this on for Jake. I think its his favorite 'animation' type movie. The thing I love most of all from this music is Danny Elfman's score. That guy is a damn fricken talent!!!

Modern Romance
I love Albert Brooks. And I love his nuerotic characters that he plays. Every one of them is... well... nuerotic. And in Modern Romance, he's just plain... NEUROTIC as ever.

That Thing You Do
I have always liked this movie. And when I sat down and watched it again I realized that I love it for the music, the story about a group that gets a quick shot to fame, the subtext of ONE-DERS turned WONDERS turned ONE HIT WONDERS, and ultimately their failure... It's also impressive that Tom Hanks wrote and directed the movie. Oh... Liv Tyler is hot in it! :) It's a real feel good movie!

And that's it... I think... If I can think of anymore I've watched since October I'll post.
So tonight I watched That Thing You Do on tv, as I finally have a break

Thinking back on it, the only thing I truely enjoyed was the music, and since it's such a large and important part of the film, I guess that's pretty much what kept me entertained. I think I shall be downloading "That Thing You Do!" the song off Kazaa in the near future. Tom Everett Scott is charming enough I suppose, and he managed to carry the flick pretty well.

So, everyone else's performances were mildly annoying. Particularly Jonathan Schaech's Jimmy, the "artist" band leader. It just really wasn't pulled off that well. Steve Zahn is always annoying, and Liv Tyler made me think that I should watch more movies she's in, because I have seen her constantly in similar "sweetheart" roles, and I'm wondering if she's different in movies I haven't seen. So I can't base my opinion that she plays the same thing every time just yet. Tom Hanks isn't a particularly phenomenal director, but he call pull off a pretty standard flick without sucking, so he gets points for that. I think that Guy's father shouldn't have changed his attitude so drastically without a struggle, and I wish that Jimmy hadn't had a happy ending (as seen in the "where are they now" text at the end...).

The Opinion: The music was good enough to keep me entertained.
Another great music movie that we watched again the other night was That Thing You Do. I think one of the cool things (of many) is how catchy and believable the tune is as a surprise hit. Whatever happened to the guy who played the drummer? All the acting was great; Liv Tyler was especially engaging.
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