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@MovieHax1 Machinama's Wierdcast actually has one of the creative executives on there talking about Terminator Salvation Today (7/5/15) and he puts things in perspective with why they didn't stop at 3. First off it was a new production company. Second the 3rd one ended the pre-Judgement Day story involving John Conner which I actually liked the 3rd one cause it set up the future which was always teased till Salvation came out. That being said It was just a rehash of T2 without Sarah Conner. I have yet to see anything Terminator related that has disappointed me.
Loved the movie but didn't like how it continued the last movie. For me the first 3 movies were great - they should have stopped right there - now its just kind of...nah
Very action packed. I liked the fact they had a half human half machine helping them. The ending was done perfectly.
nice movie... good plotline.. no frills.. little 'G 'n R'
Not a bad installment of the Terminator series. Arnie is almost in it briefly...sort of. A lot of action. 7/10
One of my favorite movies, and the best in the franchise imo. About to watch again for the gazillionth time. Interestingly, Christian Bale thought it wasn't very good!
:) very good :) :) if only they made horror movies this good :)
One of my favorite and most memorable movies. The acting in this is superb.
Hmmmm....I was not that impressed with this movie when it 1st came out...I had only saw this the one time at the theater when it was released...thought I would give it another go...Maybe it was the mood I was in,but I enjoyed it...After a do over I am giving this movie a solid 7/10
qualifies as guilty pleasure by a tight margin
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