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nice movie... good plotline.. no frills.. little 'G 'n R'
Not a bad installment of the Terminator series. Arnie is almost in it briefly...sort of. A lot of action. 7/10
One of my favorite movies, and the best in the franchise imo. About to watch again for the gazillionth time. Interestingly, Christian Bale thought it wasn't very good!
:) very good :) :) if only they made horror movies this good :)
One of my favorite and most memorable movies. The acting in this is superb.
Hmmmm....I was not that impressed with this movie when it 1st came out...I had only saw this the one time at the theater when it was released...thought I would give it another go...Maybe it was the mood I was in,but I enjoyed it...After a do over I am giving this movie a solid 7/10
qualifies as guilty pleasure by a tight margin
ya know. this is a pretty good show.. especially when you watch it without expectations. cause I remember everyone saying it sucked because it was supposed to be great. anyway 7/10 for me.
I've been waiting to see this its sad i know time passed and i completely forgot about it lol
Its a little bit of an old flick, but has its moments. Certainly does not reach the fable status of especially T1 or sort of t2, but it works on it own merits. I am glad I took the time to see again.

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