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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny 2006

In Venice Beach, naive Midwesterner JB bonds with local slacker KG and they form the rock band Tenacious D. Setting out to become the world's greatest band is no easy feat, so they set out to steal what could be the answer to their prayers -- a magical guitar pick housed in a rock-and-roll museum some 300 miles away...

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Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny:

Well, I was so excited about this movie, and then John found invitations to a free screening of it tonight. I have to say, I was a little disappointed. I mean, I don't really feel all that disappointed, but I know that it wasn't what it could have been. I watched the trailer and thought it was one of the best things I had seen in a while. I mean, the Tenacious D show is great and all, but this just looked like such an epic adventure, plus I was ready for some great laughs. In the end, I found myself upset that they didn't do what I thought they were going to do with some of the parts.

Examples? Well, then you better stop reading if you care to see this movie in future...

First of all, you know that crazy mushroom sequence in the trailer? Yeah, that's a drug trip... cop out. I wanted them to have to journey through some crazy lands and visit mystical worlds and creatures, but no. They didn't go on a very epic journey for the pick either. They didn't go from the depths of hell to the stairway up to real guitar heaven at all. They went to a freaking museum to get the pick. It wasn't even all the difficult or entertaining really.

Well, now I feel like I've said nothing but bad things about this movie. It's still worth watching. It's just that they could have done with a lot more funny, a lot more epic, a lot less done before, and a lot less stupid. That was kind of a confusing and probably very poorly written sentence. Oh well. You get the idea.

Halloween news for the day... There's not a lot to say for today, but tune in to tomorrow's review for some exciting news. Oh, I guess I did take some Halloween pictures, but I can't post them on RT until I delete some of the other ones... but I don't want to get rid of any of those. It's a conundrum. But I'll work it out.
I saw an advance screening of this movie last wednesday (11/8). I am totally behind on my reviews...

Anywho, it really didn't feel like a movie, but more like that Kiss made for tv movie back in the day. Or, perhaps, more like Tenacious D's HBO series back in the day...

I really dug the first number "Kickapoo" with the kid that frighteningly resembles Jack Black, Meatloaf and Ronnie James Dio. I really enjoyed the movie, wether it was for Jack Black's spastic performance (when he was dressed up as Baby Sass (Sasquatch), I swear he looked like a monchichi--sing with me "monchici, monchichi oh so soft and cuddly!"--if you are not aware of what a monchichi is, then you must have missed the 80s), Kyle Gass's wig and guitar playing or Tim Robbins popping up in yet another strange cameo....I can't tell you.

It deffinetly had its moments.

I think I am going to change my name to Jables.

I would say that I am a moderate fan of Tenacious D, I loved their music, I enjoyed their little shows, and I love their interviews that they have when they go on TV, however when push comes to shove I cannot say that I actually love Tenacious D. I am aware however that if many people heard me say this that I would crucified and hated for all eternity, you see I class as someone who likes Tenacious D, most people don't just like Tenacious D, they either love them or hate. Those that love them literally do adore them and anything remotelly related to the D is instantlly classed as a classic in their eyes. The other people generally hate them and fail to see any humour or coolness to the pair. And as I keep stating I sit firmly in the middle, not willing to say I adore them, but nowhere near willing to say I despise them. Everything Tenacious D is really aimed more at those that are cult fanatics of the duo, the same can be pretty much said about the movie. Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny is a good movie that I did enjoy very much, it is has some very good moments of humour and some trully inspired music. The casting is pure genious and the pair are always brilliant when they are onscreen. But unfortunately the movie does suffer very much with the fact that it is way too short, even for the pretty pointless plot, and the fact that the movie never really has enough humour in it to trully satisfy. There are references aplenty in the movie and the jokes that do come along usually do make you burst out laughing, but I couldn't help but keep thinking that the movie is lacking a little sparkle to make this movie more than just a good movie. The movie starts off well enough, packs in some decent jokes and featuring Meat Loaf as JB's dad. The music is really the key for the opening scenes and as the music is so goddamn funny I couldn't help but being swept up in it. But unfortunately after a great opening the movie loses something and descends into being an unfortunately mediocre movie. For twenty minutes the movie seems to wander along uncomfortablly and this unfortunately was the dilemma for me, it just got a bit boring. The training was nowhere near as inspired as it could and should have been, with the exception of the gig simulator which made me laugh, and some early start out with the D is pretty dull. However, the movie then goes onto greatness, as the hunt for the Pick of Destiny begins the movie becomes really great with most jokes working well, its a shame the earlier section can't live up to the superb later section.

Okay then, so what the hell is this movie actually about? Now I warn you, if you thought Borat's plot was pretty silly, you haven't seen anything yet. The movie begins with a young JB, he is the odd one out in his religious family, you see he is absolutely obsessed with rock! But then his father, played by Meatloaf, basically tells him he cannot listen to rock so long as he lives in his house. And so after a brief bit of talking to his poster of Black Sabbath's Dio, he decides to run off to form the "Ultimate Rock and Roll band!" So off he sets to Hollywood where he meets KG, but KG wants nothing to do with JB as he wants to be a solo artist. However, after their differences are set aside and some crazy training happens, they form Tenacious D (the name is found on their butts, JB has Tenac, and KG has ious D). But they can't write a masterpiece! But then they realise that all the great rock and roll bands have one thing in common, they all have the Pick of Destiny! So off they trek to find the Pick of Destiny and become legendary rock gods! Yep, the plot as I previously stated is absolutely bizarre, but what you might also notice is that its actually quite short. My biggest groan with the movie is the amount of potential the plot held is wasted. Sure the obligatory introductions and training take up a bit of time, but the main plot regarding the Pick of Destiny is way too short. All they really have to do is get to the Rock and Roll museum and steal it, the time it takes for them to do this is way too short and its a true shame as the scenes leading up to the museum section are some of the best. The movie does feature highly memorable scenes for all the jokes that do fall flat on their faces. The sasquatch scene had me in absolute stitches, pretty much all of the museum seqeucne did as well, especially an intresting bit featuring how to push a button. The movies climax featuring Dave Grohl reprising his role as Satan from their music video of Tribute, is also highly memorable. But with the exception of those scenes and a few other laugh out loud jokes, the movie really in't all that memorable. The training is very forgettable, some of the songs, while fun to listen to, are nowhere near as brilliant as those from their album (I was hoping for a rendition of Tribute, Wonder Boy, or my personal favourite Fuck Her Gentlly). Unfortunately the movie fails a bit on being very memorable.

So then what of the cast, the main pair, Jack Black and Kyle Gass have to be very good in order for the movie to redeem itself slightly. And thankgod they really are wonderful and it is those two that really make the movie up to a good standard. I have always been a huge fan of Jack Black, even in the pretty poor Nacho Libre I still enjoyed watching him. However, I never realised just how funny Kyle Gass is until I saw this movie. He actually has some of the best moments and lines, Jack Black relies on being loud and over the top, Kyle Gass seems to be a bit more subtle and I think out of the pair I definately found him to be a bit funnier. But of course Jack Black is abslutely perfect on the lyrics. Where the movie really does succeed is in the stream of cameos that appear, in fact its the cameos that made mer eally enjoy the movie. Firstly is a brief sequence with Meatloaf as JB's dad, he doesn't do much, all he does is sing a bit, but he's certainly fun in the role. Next up that is worthy of being noted is Ben Stiller as the guitar shop owner. He's always great in cameos, and he really is funny in his brief sequence as he explains the history of the Pick of Destiny. And finally the last cast member I really want to note is Tim Robbins as a wacko with a missing leg. He is absolutely hilarious in his scenes, he actually nearly steals the movie from under Jack Black and Kyle Gass' noses towards the end.

So what of the humour I hear you scream? Most people want to see Tenacious D because they are funny. Now the movie as I keep going on features hit and miss moments. The moments that really do hit are the scenes with Tim Robbins, the guitar store scene, the Sasquatch sequence, the Dave Grohl as Satan bit and the museum sequence. The bits that really miss are the training sequence, the opening THX micky take (just really didn't find it funny at all), the final sequence. The rest fall a bit inbetween, a mixture of genious and geni-arse. Funny but at times annoying. The humour is definately not kiddie friendly, the movie feature so much swearing at times and of course some sexual moments, cock push-ups anyone. Its not a movie to everyone tatses and certainly proud of it.

Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny is a good movie and I enjoyed it, will most probably look for it when it comes on TV again, but I can't say I adored it like I know so many Tenacious D fans out there certainlly will. Its entertaining and wort a look, but if your a newcomer to the D don't be worried if you come out wondering what all the fuss was about.
This movie was absolutely hilarious, but it was far too short. Coming in barely at 1 hour and 20 minutes, it just left me wanting more of the D. With that said, it was the second funniest movie of the year to Borat and definately the best musical this year (even better than High School Music ). If you're a fan of Tenacious D, you will love this movie. If you aren't a fan, well, "The Fountain" is amazing.
Highly recommended for rock fans. Dave Grohl owns as Satan.
The wait truly paid off for this one. Tenacious D is one of my favriote bands and the movie did'nt dissapoint me at all. It had it's good laughs and a Tenacious D atmosphere and the musical numbers were great to sing along too, especially when the volume is all the way up in the theatre. I do agree though that this movie probally would'nt appeal to everyone who is'nt that big of a fan, but it does suffice.
jack black is always fun to watch especially when he is tripping over shrooms. obviously this movie isnt for everyone but if this is your type of thing at which you like goofy humor you should check it out. you'll be highly entertained throughout the entire movie and you'll also get some awesome cameo performances from ben stiller, meatloaf, TIM ROBBINS! and others. tomorrow i shall pick up the soundtrack to pick of destiny.
Only fans of the D will find this movie funny. So for me (being a TD fan), this was pretty hilarious. However, I was a tad disappointed. The first half hour drags, but once the quest for the POD begins, the hilarity really takes off.

Tenacious D in 'The Pick of Destiny' (2006)

This movie is strictly for fans of Tenacious D or Jack Black. I can't say I'm a much of a fan of Jack Black as an actor or his movies, but I decided to watch it because I was a big fan of Tenacious D about three or four years ago. This movie is completely pointless but at the same time that was expected because it has a lot of similarities to the TV show. It's not a ridiculously funny movie but it does bring some laughs still.
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