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its a pirahanna!
This Disney movie always, always, makes me cry. Several times. It just totally draws me in! And I think Tarzan is the cutest Disney-baby ever! But that's just my opinion.
Everytime I watched this movie I run around afterward like a little kid on sugar: Totally hyped up - if I could I'd probably jump around the room on my furniture.
Well. I simply love Disney's Tarzan. What more can I say? =)
I'm trying to add lots of ratings and going back to reweight ratings I've already done. I find that I'm very generous sometimes.
As far as a movie goes, Tarzan was decent. By Disney standards I found it to be rather bland. In fact, if it was for Rosie O'Donnell, and a decent soundtrack, it would have been quite atrocious. Considering the hype that went into this movie, I would rather invest my time in Brandon Fraser and George Of The Jungle.
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Great movie for kids or adults. Phil Collins soundtrack also a big bonus.
Watched this twice this weekend with my daughter and Japanese mother in law. ( in English, with Japanese subtitles) All of us were entranced by the stunning animation and sheer storytelling of the talented, funny and creative people behind this movie. As a language teacher who deals with cross cultural issues everyday,(often not very well) I still find this immensely moving and profound, even though there are many comic moments. I am left wondering about the message of the story. Like Pocahontas, there are greedy unscrupulous English characters ( Clayton) but also good ones (Jane and her father). It is surely no accident that this story has been filmed so many times over the century, each film tweaking the meaning to suit its own agenda. This version must rank as one of the best ( although I liked Greystoke) in its wholesale unpreachy backing of the importance of listening to others who are different from you without seeking to exploit them. I guess there is something here for all of us to learn.

One of the best Disney movies...ever.

(not hyperbole)
Phil Collins wrote a fantastic music score for this film. Absolutely wonderful tunes are found throughout the movie. This version of Tarzan is well written, with good comedy, intensity, and feeling. The animation is very good as is the voice work. It's got something that both children and parents will enjoy.
This film ticks every box and does everything right, and it's such a shame it isn't held in a high esteem as other animated films. In my opinion it is better than the Lion King, and leaves trash like Madagascar, Robots and Shark Tale miles behind. The animation is breathtaking and I wholeheartedly recommend this film.
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