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The "Twist" at the end was one of the most predictable twists I've ever seen. I give this 3/10. I have absolutely no clue why it's got such a high rating.
Wow nyc surprise at the End !! 7/10
OK movie...For me,something was missing....5.5/10
Tonight I had the opportunity to see a sneak preview of Taking Lives starring Angelina Jolie, Ethan Hawk and Kieffer Sutherland.

I think it was a decent suspense/thriller with plenty of twists - although some predictable - but entertaining nonetheless. It's probably one of Jolie's better films, but it just wasn't quite original enough or interesting enough for me to recommend it.

The pace of the film is rather slow for a suspense movie, which probably made the more suspenseful parts more exciting. It definitely had a Se7en/Silence of the Lambs type of feel to it.... the only difference was that it wasn't that good.

Interestingly, Jolie's character was from Carlisle, PA, not 20 minutes from where I go to school, and that made the theater I was in chuckle at least. My boy Kieffer had a small but exciting part. So overall, it was nice to see a sneak preview with friends, but the best part was wings and beer in Harrisburg afterwards.

I finally got to see the season premier of the Sopranos tonight as well, which was fantastic. I'm so excited for this season. Steve Buscemi joins the cast... and I just hope there's no wood-chipper incidents. He's a fucking professional.
Angelina Jolie kicks booty in the surprisingly decent flick, "Taking Lives." Here are some cliches I found:

The killer eludes the cops by running through a crowded street during a Mardi Gras style fiesta as the shooting fireworks drown out all cries from the cops, the killer timely ends his monologue to kill a victim just before the train goes under a pitch-black tunnel, the lead detective (Jolie) has passionate sex with a prime suspect (Hawke) even though an important character was killed just a few hours ago, Agent Scott runs frantically to get to a scene even though from her perspective she doesn't yet know someone's in trouble, Scott uncovers hidden rooms in suspects' homes that reveal clues about the killer, and bodies fall out of unlikely places. I didn't so much mind the last one as it was effective.
Spring, cocktease of seasons, has been threatening to sweep winter away for a few weeks now. That hopefully raise the interest level of newly released movies as well, but for now, I'm coming off of a decidedly wintry group. None of them were bad, but a streak of the mundane such as this is not terribly fun either.

Starsky & Hutch (54) - I have no familiarty with the source, but I liked Stiller's performance as the tightwad cop who tries to hard with too little. He and Wilson have good comic chemistry (I think I'm contractually obligated to say that) and it's an easy-going film, although I was somewhat surprised by the paucity of truly great gags. Snoop was also a bit underwhelming as Huggy Bear. I liked him better in Training Day.

Hidalgo (48) - Entirely competent adventure flick and entirely pedestrian. I wanted to like it more than I did, because I like Viggo, and he's a good hero here, but it's just too insubstantial really.

Taking Lives (53) - My friend suggested this. I offered four alternatives, none of which he took. Still, it wasn't that bad, as serial killer thrillers go (perhaps serial thriller should be the sub-genre name, except that this implies that there are going to lots of thrills). Some have said that the twists are easy to spot, but I wasn't so sure, although I'll admit my critical faculties were on auto-pilot. Jolie is particularly good. Or better than the material deserved, anyway.

Monster (48) - Theron's performance is wonderfully authentic. Her emoting is a bit overly theatrical, but on the whole it's a good performance, and I can't think of one that's clearly better from '03, although I'd probably pick Miranda Richardson in Spider, if I had my druthers. For the movie as a whole, I was rather unimpressed. It's standard "fall through the cracks" fare, with less sympathy than normal (probably intentionally, and somewhat commendably, I suppose). I thought Selby was under-developed - it's Aileen's story, but too much of her motivation depended on Selby for that character to be so thinly drawn. I have no real idea why Selby was at all interested in Aileen.
Accident. Fast forward. Angelina has big lips. Another country. Pale skin. Predictable story line. Lips. Gross French people. Artwork. Bare breasts. Interest. Car chase. Betrayal. Train ride. Pregnancy? Knife. Bullet.

Cake requires eggs, oil, flour, sugar, etc.

So does this movie.

It's good in a sense but nothing special... like about 96.539% of movies these days.

Go see a matinee. (pronounced "ma tin ay")
...influenced by silence of the lambs and seven...this stylish thriller set in mont. is a good film though has some plot hole.s..angelina is fantastic...recommended
Those were my viewings for my fourth in theater triple feature day of my life. Rating the four days, they look like this:

1) Femme Fatale (9/10), Halloween: Resurrection (3/10), The Ring (5/10)
2) Pirates of the...(8/10), Identity (9/10), X-2 (8/10)
3) Chicago (2/10), The Italian Job (9/10), 28 Days Later...(10/10)
4) Taking Lives (5/10), Dawn of the Dead (8/10), Spartan (9/10)

Day 2 wins.

Didn't watch Rear Window, as I had planned, but did get the chance to stop by Best Buy after I saw Dawn. Picked up Forrest Gump and Edward Scissorhands, both in SE DVD form. They were 2 for $15, which made Mike happy. Now, if I only had time to watch them.

Tomorrow I work from Open to Close, first in concession, then as an Usher....gonna suck I'm off to bed.

Take Care All!!!!!!
While I was watching this movie, I kept tell myself that it would get better. But it never did. I found it to be a very predictable and mediocre movie. something that I could care less if I see again.

.....oh well, Dawn of the Dead tonight!!!!
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