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Takers 2010

A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective...

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Imdb rating: 6.2

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Not good at all.
The actors were alright but there is no motivation behind anything they are doing.
No reason to care for any of them other than 1 person.
No blood when people are shot the ENTIRE movie except for one scene.
Back story is nonexistent. It was a little enjoyable, if you want to watch something with your 12 year old if you don't want him to see much blood, gore or violent language. It's like an action friendly movie for kids.

4/10 from me.
What a really good movie with an interestin story & lots of action.
All actors did a fine job~enjoyed it alot 8.5/10 from me :)
Idris Elba is in a movie i saw previews on ..i only saw it once ,but he's playing a bad guy who needs to use a phone an he knocks on the door of a woman an after that all kinds of stuff happens ..its a new movie i think but i cant remember the name of it..anyone know wat im talkin about??
its a good movie but i hate when rappers transition into movies, most of them do bad. look at 50 cent... no good movies, chris brown neither, and t.i. well he sucks at actin too. but its worth watching this movie, paul walker, like always does a good job.
chris brown's acting in it? is 2nd scene's lines stood out glaringly.. check please.. never mind this film..
@kksean89 ~it's a good'n
This came out around the same time as the Town, and got overshadowed. The cast is impeccable and My favorite Paul Walker is hot as hell. He died today and maybe some will this and take in a super performance among so many great performances in the tight LA actioner.
fast moving, fast thinking, rapt attention garnering action crime/drama.. very well done.. all actors were with the program.. if you liked michael mann's HEAT, you'll like this one.
HAHA Great minds think alike! I'm watching it now! Enjoy! Cheers...
Incredible movie! This is one of my favorite movies. I have to watch it again.
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