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Neeson is amazing as always. Not as strong as the first Taken, but enthralling none-the-less. Plus, it looks like Neeson kicks it up a notch in Taken 3.
Liam Neeson kicking ass...what's not to love?
This one was pretty good not nearly as epic as the first one though. 7/10
Liam neeson is my favorite actor. He brings life to every movie!!
Great movie
Did the "Taken" marathon today. Well, the 2 flicks back to back. Yes, the first movie was better but #2 worked pretty well also. I liked the fact the story line of #2 was built from #1.
What you said.
Also I'd like to add that somehow the music was good, I think it fit well.
And also I really like Megaton, you guys should see Exit if you can.
I definitely think the first movie was better- this is kind of the same thing, but nonetheless I enjoyed the movie, Liam Neeson is really great and you wont get bored watching if you want an action movie and to kill some time.
@Darthintrepid Let's hope the 3rd installment (apparently confirmed) is a lot better, I'm a huge Liam fan :o
@Thanks_Mates You mean, beside the fact that a father takes his family back to Europe, after having so many problems the year before?
It's good, for a dumb and blind action movie, and worthy for the genre, but agreed; you have to be able to see past the obviously errant story and plot.
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