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Swordfish 2001

A secretive renegade counter-terrorist co-opts the world's greatest hacker (who is trying to stay clean) to steal billions in US Government dirty money...

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Imdb rating: 6.5

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@johnttu Well the from birloke looks good on my end...great sound and dvd vid.
K I know this movie is old but seriously even the new updates are horrible video like I was watching a betamax. Can no one do better? I just cant imagine that all linkers get the same exact copy of a movie when there is more than just one person who will rip the movie and offer it to linkers for upload. Put a little effort in it
a few GREAT scenes in this movie. 1) is when Hugh Jackman had to break the code while that chick was well....doing her thing..2) whenHally Berry was suntanning without her top on. besides that, theres a lot of great action. John Travolta plays a great bad guy. very good plot too. overall a must watch
I love the opening where Travolta is talking about realism in cinema. The whole film is genius. I wish someone would upload the alternate ending versions, as well, identified as which one. They got the second best ending one uploaded, and I'm not going to spoiler the best alt ending version, but it's a fantastic twist.
OK, I've been waiting to have a forum to slam this movie, and now, I do. Swordfish is a big, steaming, smelly pile of turds. The story is absolutely ludicrous - that's okay, it's an action flick, you say. But it's not even internally consistent. Even if you suspend your real-world related disbelief, your jaw will drop at the internal contradictions in the screenplay. This is a terribly written film - poorly plotted and utterly illogical. The movie constantly finds new ways to insult your intelligence. The sex and violence define "gratuitous" - you can practically hear the screenwriters scratching the big-bad action movie essentials off their checklist. People getting blown up? Check. Car chases? Check. T&A? Check. I was able to derive a few grim laughs from this movie, but for the most part it disgusted me with its shameless, cynical pandering to the lowest common denominator. John Travolta continues his post Pulp Fiction career implosion and X-Men costars Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman debase themselves by slumming for a paycheck. The movie begins with Travolta's character giving a lengthy monologue about the rotten state of the movies today - how they're all special effects driven crap, basically. I can only presume the filmmakers intended this as some kind of postmodern irony, because the alternative is too scary to think about. An absolute dud, the only redeeming value of which is a small amount of unintentional humor. That's NOT enough to justify seeing it though. Don't waste your money on this garbage.
Plotless but stylish.

"Like a cigarette, it's damn tasty, full of blistering action and surprisingly sly humor, but not very good for you."
-- Tor Thorsen, REEL.COM
I have to say the ending is why I really feel I should give it a score of FRESH. Awesome stunts, good conclusion.

6/10 :fresh:
The Caveman's Valentine was on of the very few movies which wasn't that great I expected. It wasn't bad either, but somehow... well
Evita was just a "normal" musical film. If you want to watch something spectacular (!) go see Moulin Rouge.

Swordfish is a totally different film and a totally different way of doing a film. Everything is perfect (well, sortof, I'll discuss what isn't and why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10), the acting is superb, and from the first moment that John comes onscreen and the camera is blurred and then unblurred, and moves around, it's just the way he says his speech, because you know he's right, in some ways, and you've never seen a film where they've said that Hollywood makes "rubbish" films.

The technobabble in the film is little, but is rather confusing if you're like me and have never cracked into a government computer system or anything like that. Hugh Jackman, again appearing in my movie review journal, is fantastic. He's more down to earth in this, and does some normal things like anyone would, baring picking up a rocket launcher to a helicopter, but hey...

It's great how they misdirect the entire audience until the end, and you should know you're going to be misdirected, because you're journing with Hugh Jackman's character. The ending kinda sucked, in a way of blowing up the boat, but it was nice to see the bad guy's winning as well as the good guy's. Also, the blowing up of the civilian, when it's doing bullet time, if you look back at where the person is, the explosion looks NOTHING like what it started to be. That's my only major complaints, other than that, GREAT FILM! WATCH! If they do a sequel, it better be good!!! :)
What makes this movie attractive to me? Not all the violence, not all the geek stuff (well, it is nice to see all these gadgets), but the idea the conspiracy of some underground groups, detached from every form of control, fighting for the right thing. It looks like nothing is what it seems.
It implies that it is possible to really control very complex situations. I simply think this is not possible. Humankind or even individuals can not control that much...
But as a fantasy it is great looking at. Maybe it is possible...
F**king awesome. Still love this movie, kicks ass. The Action is awesome. The sound on the DVD totally kicks ass, the bass was so awesome. The Soundtrack by Oakenfold rules. Travolta is awesome, Jackman is awesome. I honestly don't quite understand why this film got so many bad reviews, maybe people think too much when they watch it, just enjoy the movie people, it's an action flick, it doesn't have to make sense, just guns and explosions whats wrong with that. anyway I dunno just love this movie, 9 on 10.
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