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Swimming Pool 2003

A British mystery author visits her publisher's home in the South of France, where her interaction with his unusual daughter sets off some touchy dynamics...

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Very interesting. I'm still thinking about this one. It was really thought provoking.
...just as soon as I don't feel so swamped with transparent deadlines I set for myself. Ack!

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So I'm lookin' over the whole year, and I think I might be making close to 10 different roundtrip flights this year. 10. Not all are booked, but that's what I have tentatively planned. 10. Mother of Bob, that's a lotta flyin'. This is not including my road trips either. (bites knuckles)

How 'bout you guys? Big trips comin' up? Road trips, flying, anything? Spill your guts on your forthcoming adventures!! Young Indy wants to know!

I think it's pretty cool that I can actually separate my regular journal and my incessant babbling about movies. This is very handy, indeed. I will have to begin compiling lists of movies worth reviewing; for the moment, though, I'm simply adding the ones I've seen most recently (within the past couple of months, say). Eventually I'll be motivated enough to do more than that. I hope.


I have to admit, I didn't even get through this one. I am a huge Emma Thompson fan, and to see her acting opposite her real mother was really quite something - plus they were being directed by Alan Rickman! - but... I need to give it another shot. It was dragging in ways I can hardly explain. And Phyllida Law's character was so grating that I couldn't tolerate her for much of a stretch. For now, this only gets a 5. I will give it another chance.


I hated this. But I think it's because I must've missed something. It's a tale of a woman who escapes to her editor's summer house in order to overcome her writer's block. Whilst there, she meets up with the editor's daughter and an array of odd people. There's sex and murder. And then it's over. I don't see how this got rave reviews, myself. Charlotte Rampling nearly put me to sleep.


Ashley Judd is just going to keep making the same movie over and over again, isn't she? In this one, she's a seriously flawed cop who gets promoted for who-knows-what-reason, and then every guy she's slept with in the past month (and there are loads of them) start turning up dead. Still, they let her stay on the case. It's ridiculous from start to finish, and, as one reviewer said, "The only mystery at any point of this movie is why you spent ten bucks to see it."
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Swimming Pool is a subtle and well-crafted pshycological thriller about two women from different generations matching wits and then, ultimately, working together to cover up a crime. This is a movie that needs to be seen a couple of time in order to catch all the subtle but important interactions and plot twists. Some, including myself, may find the movie a tad slow, but overall is very well made. Lots of sex and nudity in this film but its not gratutitis.
I usually don't see that many psycological thrillers because after I do, I stay up all night thinking about them to the point of insanity. Swimming Pool was strange (but in a good way) and very sexy. It starts off calming and slow and then it picks up and makes your stomach tighten. The only thing I didn't like that much was the creepy music.

max payne comes through again in the sequel the fall of max payne. all the elements that made the original great are here, sans the 'bloodlines' levels (thank god) and adding a new little visual, something i like to call the 'woo move'. where max spins around to reload his weapons....its bad as hell. the story is arguable even better than the first, and it keeps the graphic novel feel of the original. with a couple of hours till i beat this game, i must tell you, it rules.

The successful but melancholy crime writer Sarah Morton shacks up in her publisher's french villa, to try to get some peace, quiet, and inspiration. After a few days, her publisher's daughter, Julie, shows up and her boisterous youth upsets the quiet that she had escaped to. Their personalities clash immediately, and soon secrets lead to deception and danger.

I'm sure Swimming Pool was meant to be a moody, erotic thriller with a surprise twist ending. It's none of these things, and its twist ending was so glaringly obvious that I was waiting for some other more clever twist, the real twist. The entire premise of what is actually happening in the movie is obscured by the ending, but any further examination reveals that no matter what your interpretation of the movie is, none of them make the movie exciting, clever, deep, or interesting. Most of the backstory you get is cloudy and confusing. So there's those problems with the script and plot, but it doesn't end there. The directing is flat and boring, and the cinematography is just as bland. Even the actors seem to be bored with what they're doing. The slow, moody pace of the movie should have somehow lent itself to the feel of movie, but instead it just drags out an artificial story that has no emotional depth or interesting characters. This movie is a failure.
Matchstick Men is an enjoyable, breezy, fascinating film until the last half hour of the movie. Then, in an inexplicable 'twist', the emotional tether of the film is eliminated, undermining the entire thrust of the film until that point. The twist includes two parts (spoilers to follow): the betrayal of Frank and everyone associated with Frank, and the betrayal of the 'daughter'. This movie would have been served well with a Frank twist, only to have the daughter, having learned from her father, save the day with some kind of dupe on Frank. But the film went to far, and stripped the reality from everything we knew up to that point, rendering the entire film a moot, aborted mess of a film. This all sorts of frustrating--of the worst kind--because I liked the film until this point, and was left with an irredeemable pile of shit afterwards.

Swimming Pool suffers from a similar problem, but doesn't quite undermine itself in the way that Matchstick Men does. Swimming Pool renders itself moot, and not in a beautiful or useful way like in films such as Usual Suspects or Mulholland Drive, but one can forgive this more than MM, because in hindsight, it doesn't feel like the film takes a sudden turn; the 'twist' is organic to the film. However, the twist is utterly inconsequential and serves only to make a dully obvious point about writers and the creative process. Too, it is a let down, because the film--while excrutiatingly dull for awhile--starts to pick up some steam when the elements of mystery are added in, and those go out the window by the end, and we're left with something that is much more about making a boring point than there to really pique our interest. Yawn.

In short, a good twist in a film should serve to either a.)make the material we have seen thus far more resonant, but in an organic surprising way (i.e. Mulholland Drive--the perfect 'what you have seen is not what happened' film) or b.)shock us but never cheat us.

The films above cheat the viewer out of a worthwhile movie experience. I want to go back in time.
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