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i like this one more than three, with wrestler lex luger.
This movie would be rotten, but all the childhood memories I have of it and the sentimental value, I just had to give it a barely fresh rating.
This was my favorite movie when I was little.
Superman IV : The Quest for Peace

*Chris Reeve


Overall: Superman IV is one of those movies in a succesful series that kills the series.
:rotten: :rotten: Christopher Reeve uses an American Icon to push his liberial agenda and let Superman play God. bad casting, bad plot, bad acting, bad special effects (The Superman flying effects were achived by using the same effects they used on TV weather reports.), bad writting, just bad, bad, bad.:rotten: :rotten:
Disgusting movie, joke.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)

Lame villain, lame plot. Terrible movie but it's the first Superman movie I ever saw so I still like it. Like Superman III, it's a bad movie but I grew up with it so I can't hate it.
:rotten: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) is boring, unfunny, not entertaining and preposterous. This is a short film, 1:26 minutes but the story has many problems 'cause is a superhero that is not incredible, has become a Hollywood celebrity and Clark Kent is being fought by the chief's daughter and Louis (Margot Kidder).

Gene Hackman is an excellent actor, and he acts decently and saves a little the lack of action and funny moments of the film, the problem is that his role is reduced and the exagerated villain formed in the Sun with "extraordinary powers" but why the villain died with the eclypse and how could Superman carry the moon and move it to the Sun??. The screenplay is lack of intelligence and entertaining moments, Sidney J. Furie did an awful with no sense of direction. Shame on Superman IV.
It gets a 10 just by being a Superman movie. :)
Superman Returns June 29, 2006.
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987): 6/10

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