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Superman/Doomsday 2007

When LexCorps accidentally unleash a murderous creature, Doomsday, Superman meets his greatest challenge as a champion. Based on the "The Death of Superman" storyline that appeared in DC Comics' publications in the 1990s...

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Absolute garbage telling of The Death of Superman.

Doomsday is described as "precise, clinical"...etc etc, while it shows him just strolling through the town, destroying things wantonly.

There's no mystery. No bloodbath left in his trail. The artwork, particularly on Supe's face is awful.

Watching Mighty Mouse, would be a better Superman movie.
Great dialouge and characterization. Really, I was so engaged. Now make a live action version of this, keep the tone, narrative and writers. lemme go pitch this to dc lol
love the DC & Marvel animation films. DC are the best at it and we need more.

if anything watch this just to see superman get his butt kicked.

Bruce Timm pulled out all the stops... even though he had to considerably downsize and streamline the Doomsday epic.

The Death of Superman probably would've worked best as a complete 13 episode season of a new Superman TV series... but this was still a satisfying compromise.
Clever cartoon version of the "Death of Superman" comic book series. Rich characterizations and plot turns place this far above normal superhero cartoons. My only complaint is that with the narrative so intriguing, I wish they had used it in a live action version starring Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel. Definitively dark and intense, the film deserves its PG-13 rating.
I am really not a huge fan of Superman, but I do like it. I have only seen the Superman movies and all of Smallville so my knowledge is rather limited as far as the comics go. The animation was very stylish and the voices were also well done, and it had a nice superman feel. Personally I am used to Clark Kent looking like a normal reserved guy and kind of geeky, and in this movie he looked like a behemoth just like his alter-ego. I am sure that was intented and I am thrown off due to my lack of superman knowledge, but it did turn me off a bit.

If you are a fan of Superman I am sure you would love this, and if you like superheroes in general, it is worth a watch.

If there is only one person in show business who truly cares about the characters of DC Comics, Bruce Timm is that person. Just take a look over his career and see how many notable ventures he was a part of. You have the classic Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Superman the Animated Series, Teen Titans and Justice League just to mention a few. So one would expect if anyone was to make a great animated movie about the death of Superman, Bruce Timm would be that man.

When Superman died in the comics, this event was a huge deal with comic book fans around the world. And the idea of bringing this story to the screen (big or small) has probably been on the back burner for some time. So why after all these years, and with Bruce Timm at the helm, is Superman: Doomsday such a lousy film? What started off with so much potential fizzles off into standard superhero dribble by the film's final moments.

The battle between Superman and Doomsday was fantastic I must say. Some great animation is used to bring this story to life. And the film takes a chance to show some pretty violent images. But all of this only takes up half of the film. The second half of the film deals with Superman's resurrection. I couldn't help but think while watching this second act that why wasn't this story made into its own film? Is the battle with Doomsday really that small of an idea that it couldn't take up a film all its own? Or would the studio not allow the film to end with their golden boy dead?

Being a fan of Superman, I would have been perfectly cool with him dying at the end of this film. And I would have been perfectly fine picking up a sequel that dealt with his return. But with these two stories crammed together in one film, Superman: Doomsday is almost exhausting to watch and mostly uninteresting after Superman and Doomsday throw their last punches. This film makes me appreciate Bryan Singer's lackluster Superman Returns more.

The voice acting in the film is really great though. I felt that Adam Baldwin did a great job as Superman, despite my love of Tim Daly providing the voice for Superman in Timm's animated series. And Anne Heche was great as Lois Lane, as was James Masters as Lex Luthor. The acting and the animation are something to admire with Superman: Doomsday, but the rest of it just doesn't work. You'd be better off watching one of the Ultimate Avengers movies.

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I had the pleasure of watching this a few nights ago. I thought it was pretty good. Granted, the bar is not set very high. Most of the animated movies I have the pleasure of watching lately involve lots of ponies. This one was pretty violent. Ponies don't tend to shoot each other in the head or bang someones skull against a moving train. Great stuff. The animation was good in places. There were a few nice scene changes. Superman is not my favorite superhero and never has been. He always takes an ass whipping before he wins a battle. Nothing has changed for this one. You always have to suspend your disbelief when watching comic book movies to a certain degree, that's a given. People who complain about the fact that no one can guess Superman's identity just because he throws on a pair of glasses aren't going to be pleased. The fact that Clark Kent is Superman is even more obvious than ever before. I mean the guy's shoulders are twice as wide as the largest fat guy who works for the paper. There is also one animation shot that bothered me. It's an above shot of all the supermen clones laying on the floor after they were busted out of their goo. All 30 billion of them landed so you couldn't see their penises. Not that I am upset because I didn't get to see a few cartoon penises, I just think it was improbable and I could have done without that scene. My only other complaints were Anne Heche's voice acting and that Superman had a mullet for the last half of the movie.

Lois Lane and Superman's relationship continues to develop, and Lex Luther's hatred for Superman is as powerful as ever. Lex Luthor digs deep into the Earth's core in hopes of finding a new power source and a new avenue for income. While digging he uncovers a banished soul known as Doomsday. Doomsday is hell bent on destruction and was built with the sole purpose of killing every living thing. Superman may have to sacrifice himself to kill the ever powerful Doomsday.

"Insert a diode catheter into Satan's rectum, run a feed back to Lex Corp, and crank-up the juice."

Lauren Montgomery (Legion of Superheroes), Bruce Timm (Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series), and Brandon Vietti (Spider-Man: The New Animated Series and The Batman) collaborate to deliver Superman/Doomsday. The storyline for this picture was intriguing and well presented. The animation was solid, the writing/script was great, and the action scenes were brilliant.

"You wouldn't use the heat vision on me, would you Superman?"
"No, just the x-ray."

The opening narration, Luther's conversation about the cure for diseases, Doomsday killing the deer, the "fear of commitment" conversation, Doomsday destruction of the military on the bridge, Doomsday pounding on Superman, the helicopter sequence, Superman pile-driving Superman from outer space, Superman's funeral, the soccer hooligan reference, Lex shooting his assistance, Toy-man attacking the bus, the doppelganger versus Lex Luthor, the news story of Toy-man's 4 year old victim, Superman killing the Toy-man, the doppelganger doing surgery on himself, doppelganger destroying all the other clones, and Superman and his new costume versus the doppelganger were amongst the better portions of the film.

"The doomsday machine lives to extinguish any and all life forms..."

Superman/Doomsday tells a magnificent story; however, it does not properly depict The Life and Death of Superman storyline from the comics. There were three clone Supermen in the true Superman/Doomsday storyline, and seeing how they played off each other would have been fantastic. The film was too short to properly depict the true story (with a run time of 75 minutes). Nevertheless, the brilliant action sequences, which focused on the impact of the devastating blows during the fights, made the DVD worth the sticker price for Superman fans.

"Superman died as he lived...defending Metropolis."

Grade: B
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