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OMG how have i never noticed this be for at 50:00 that's a super scope 6 for Super Nintendo!!! f-ing love you Nintendo

i forgot about this movie

Could possibly be the worst movie I've ever seen. It's so stupid and doesn't follow any of the games at all.
This movie was such a disappointment for me because of all of the differences between it and the games. None of the characters look anything like what they look like in the games, except maybe Mario (besides that he's bald and middle aged) . But even if this wasn't based on the Mario Bros. games, this would still be a bad movie; it hardly makes any sense.
Action wise, this film deserves at least an 8, but the story-line is just dreadful! Evolution, HA!
American Outlaws - The story of Jesse James by way of MTV = American Outlaws. A terrible script, ridiculous dialogue and lame "partial nudity" have never been so yawn-worthy. Farrell is an actor I like and appreciate, but this was an early bomb. * (out of ****) D

Face/Off - John Woo and I have gotten along twice - we got along just fine with his Mission: Impossible II, and with this highly imaginative and gloriously stylized action epic. Travolta and Cage literally play each other in a thrilling actioner with a premise so ludicrous it makes for some fanastically frenetic entertainment. ***1/2 (out of ****) A-

The Fast and the Furious - I'm so sick of half-naked people spouting mean one-liners to one another in a cliched story that takes forveer to get where everyone in the audience knows it's going. Blech. *1/2 (out of ****) D+

Super Mario Bros. - Roland Joffe may have been responsible for the 1995 Demi Moore's boobs-fueled adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter and the sadistic Captivity, but never have I been more disappointed with him as I was when I saw Super Mario Bros. at the fresh young age of however old I was in 1993. What an absolute mess! Boring, ridiculous and unfunny. 1/2* (out of ****) D-

Texas Rangers - Let's cast teenyboppers in a Western. Yay. You fail. 1/2* (out of ****) D-
I like this movie because it reminds us of the 80's and is somewhat humorous, however, this isn't enough to save this movie. Watch Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles instead.
this movie is one of the worst movies i have ever seen in my life.
the opening intro is just like diarhea dead skunk mutated fetis the graphic are worse than the super mario bros in
game graphics at intro. strike 1
and in the title is called super mario bros but in the movie it is called
super mario bros pluming. strike 2
and the other city is nothing like mushroom kingdom . strike 3
what the censored censored censored censored censored mc censored sorry about that
its just this movie is so horible i have to kill myself. or try at least
in the end they save princess peach no wait there is no princess.l0l
i hate this i cant barly name any thing good about this movie at
least they did yoshi right. bottom line is this movie blows twister and shoots rain
whatever that means i give it a 0/10
if any of you gamers, like me, and you love mario games and watch it. chances are you won't like it! this is the only dissapointment to the mario series! it has to do with dimensions, and mario is half bald. luigi has no mustach! those are just miner. the goombas are devolved humans. and a real downer is koopa(bowswer) is a evolved t-rex! one good thing is yoshi, he was not the real bad part. but its a real bad movie in general! i would not mind a animated short, but this is just terrible, a little confusing, dumb, and should be considered a bad movie! compared to the wonderful game series, this is a eyesore!

and one more thing, i treied to watch it twice, impossible! bairley got through 20 mins!
I watched this film in total disbelief. How the hell can they mess up a mario movie this badly.
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