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Sunshine 2007

A team of international astronauts is sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057...

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Imdb rating: 7.3

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Really good! Cool sci-fi and a bit dark.

good film for a two time watch
@kac2868 Stellar bomb :)
Just ok. Glad I did watch it. Pretty far fetched tech wise, although there were some really cool billet machined parts here and there. Give the set a solid 10, story an 8, movie as a whole 7.

Wouldn't the "shield" act as sort of a huge parachute in reverse with all the particles from the sun impacting its surface?

How much would a person weigh as they approach close to the sun?
Ditto. "Not Too Bad!" I'm not sure you're supposed to exhale slowly when that happens (I think you're supposed to exhale all the way before you start that point and keep you're lungs completely empty until it's over if I remember correctly) but from what I saw and know, that was pretty much exactly the way it's supposed to go down. I can't even imagine what goes through the mind of the person that finds themselves in that situation. Insane.
A lot of good LOGICAL decisions being made, not like the usual Hollywood 'twist' clichés that aren't even 'twists', it's just a stupid, asinine, totally illogical, decision that one of the characters makes just so there can be a plot device called a 'twist' but in reality it's called bulls--t. Not that this movie didn't have those, I had a problem with a couple scenarios in the last third of the film, but this movie did keep those BS moments to an absolute minimum to the point that I can say, 'In my opinion this movie has shown the most logical way anybody in that situation would act if they were that person. In other words this movie has demonstrated real world decision-making by far than any, ANY, ANY! movie that I have personally seen to date or can remember seeing.'
This movie did have me in suspense for the better part of it, and by the time it was over I had to race to the baffroom to pee. Although I could have just drank to much Raspberry iced tea and it all caught up with me at the end. Whatever the case, there is "Sciency" stuff that goes on, but personally I LOVE science that deals with space, LOVE IT, so although I loved it, other viewers might not, or might just find it down right boring.
One part I didn't understand with the 'other computer'.
I would watch this movie again, after a while. I enjoyed the movie vary much more than I thought I would, and I honestly thought I wasn't in the mood for this type of movie and I was going to pick this up again tomorrow and finish it then (it's 2:40am now) but I was obviously vary engrossed with it and finished it off tonight.
One last thing, good acting on 'scarecrow' and the guy that plays a Mexican gang-banger/Arab terrorist on pretty much every movie I've seen (can't remember his name).
Not Too Bad! Although Im not smart enough to be able to keep up w/ ALL the "Sciency" stuff going on. But I understand ENOUGH to like this one! Pretty Kool Movie, I give it 7/10
very well put together, the confusing parts for some were some of the most important parts to me, i guess they could have been more simple and clear, but hey, its a movie, about the sun, and outer space, and craziness , what do you expect? lol 8/10
8/10 I remember this when it came out, it maybe slow paced, but hugely deep in meaning
@vanyreidenbach ~ yepper, it does do that, the ending is a two edged sword (metaphor)
I tried to watch the movie several times at night but I always fell asleep during the first 10 minutes.
Not this time. Had me on the edge of my seat. Really great movie!
Although this movie had a lot of exciting moments, I didn't find it satisfying. It fell flat somewhere.
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