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Sucker Punch 2011

A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the mental facility...

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This movie started off looking pretty good but like a lot of films these days it quickly turned into a senseless exibition of bad film making with a loud, and horrible soundtrack, with the exception of the song White Rabbit
Think of Sin City, The Matrix, and Sailor Moon all combined into one trippy movie with a hint of Dungeons and Dragons. All in all it was a really good movie that I came across through music videos and checked it out. It was well worth my time to watch it. 10/10
This is actually very good. The girls outfits are OK(don't really like those of baby doll though), the soundtrack was absolutely gorgeous, the acting was decent, and being an avid gamer, I found the whole thing to be really pleasant visually speaking, also I really liked the way it was made, with layers upon layers, which just try and make you guess what the hell actually happens. One thing though, I found personally that the CGI in some places wasn't too great, notably in some fight scenes. But it's truly minor. I really liked the whole atmosphere, and the kinda do/does not make much sense of some situations and the lack of temporality, the mix and blend of graphic and musical genres, while still keeping it's own thing consistently across the whole movie.
So I really liked it and it's overall weird and maybe slightly crazy but not in a bad way, more as many pointed out as a really videogamy weird and crazy, also it's really dreamlike in the treatment of the image, and the whole thing really, with always the "craziness" lurking all around from the start, with the numerous cover songs which are really nice, but in different genres that the original songs etc. There is a team who's been thoughtful about making the movie as a whole and they didn't disappoint. So good job, really enjoyable.
Watch this if you like video games, rock, weird stuff and not straightforward things. If you don't like those you can still watch it and get something out of it. Maybe even like it. I'd give it a solid around 8 if I was into rating things.
I liked it and I'm not afraid of liking it any movie with "punched in the crotch" as a key word deserves a watch.

the people that say it's sexist are the people that the movie is making fun of. social justice warriors, this movie is laughing at you. so ironic...
@Titoisagod Exactly. People say how sexist this is, but really it's a satire. I'm a girl and I really liked it.
Young girls in skimpy suits fighting monsters? Once I was afraid what others will think of me when I told them I absolutely love this movie. Can't be bothered anymore, there should be more movies like this. This is what movies are about, fantasies and escape.
just for anyone that didnt know, this movie is a commentary on feminism, its movements motivations and hypocrisies, and a parody of the classic "nerd fantasy" all wrapped up in one great social commentary.

i think 99% of people that watch this movie completely miss its point, which is why i love it so much.
i actually really like this movie. Im a big gamer so a lot of the stuff was right up my alley.
Bit of advice for anybody not feeling like watching a bit boring 'very long' intro - skip to minute 25-26 of the video, you'll start watching where the movie 'really' begins which probably makes it a lot more interesting.
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