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Step Up 2: The Streets 2008

Romantic sparks occur between two dance students from different backgrounds at the Maryland School of the Arts...

Release Date:
February 14, 2008
98 min
Jon M. Chu
Robert Hoffman, Luis Salgado, Channing Tatum, ...
Drama, Musical, Romance, ...

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Solar rating: 9.1


Imdb rating: 6.2

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This is my favorite movie from all the step up movies! 10/10
The crowd were dancing but there wasn't any music?

10/10 All the Step Up movies are great!

This movie is filled with dramatic and over the top scenes. There are going to be some dull spots but mostly it is a good movie to see with your family and friends. The dancing is fantastic and they never miss a beat.
"Cheap to produce and easy to market, the dance genre seems to have found its niche in Hollywood as the new horror movie."

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I saw this movie opening day with my boyfriend and we both loved it! I love the characters, they are awesome and can REALLY dance! For those of you that havent seen it yet, you really need to the dancing kicks butt in it and you will surely fall in love with the many different characters
this movie was pretty cool, yet very predictable.

it's just another dance movie, Same Movie, Different Dance

:D :o :o :o :o
This movie wasn't that good if the main character from the first one didn't come it would be ok
I'm going to have to say I had to laugh several times along with my black friends over this silly movie. It was kind of embarrassing and I found myself sinking a little in my seat. There was way too many white people in this film. They tried to add an African-American guardian for the lead female to give her some street cred-I guess? A bunch of white, middle class performing arts students form a break "crew" to battle the hardest crew in the hood?!? Come on! They threw in some cool lines to make the white kids hard, but "oh no they didn't" was all that came to mind! I will say that this movie will have you remembering those "Crush Groove" and "Beat Street" days, except it's set in 2008! The D.J. is wearing a red Michael Jackson-style jacket with all the zippers and lots of hats tilted to the side (hello Flava Flav!) and hand-painted grafitti jeans. Too bad, they kept loyal to the lame dialogue that usually accompanied this genre of movie. I was disappointed that they used Missy Elliot's name so much when marketing this movie and, unless I missed something, I think I heard 2 of her songs and saw no appearance by her, hardly enough to use her name over and over. One good thing is, despite my nervousness and apprehension at the beginning of this film during a lame "battle" between 2 white kids to decide a disagreement they had over whether the girl should attend the performing arts school (I'm giggling just remembering it), the dancing did get much better. The highlights of this movie are definitely the choreographed dance scenes and even the white kids and their motley crew manage to get pretty good by the end of the film. If you like this type of movie, especially those old school flics, you will really enjoy the dancing scenes in this film. Try to tune out the lame script and acting, don't hate, and you might get through it. I've seen worse (and better!).

I can't imagine anyone paying full price for this silly movie and not getting mad about it. Sneak in or pay matinee if you must. I think it would be best to rent on dvd later, unless you are really wasted and hanging with your friends and want a good laugh!
This was WAYY better than the first movie. I personally love the music. I love the dancing. I herd someone say that the first movie was basically taken place in the MSA and this movie took place outside of MSA more. It showed what happened off the radar. I lovee this movie. I might go see it again. I am certainly buying this movie when it gets on dvd.
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