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I feel you magnum44, but try it again later. First time I watched it, I was so disappointed because I really like these two funnymen. I didn't think it was too funny. But then I watched it again with other friends, and it was funny. Go figure. It's like hating spinach as a kid, but loving it with butter next to my steak and potatoes now. Anyway, now that you know it stinks, wait a little while and try it again. It does have a great cast, so why not? Here I am about to watch it for my 4th time because I just wanted to see something funny and saw this on the most watched list.
over rated. this movie is just bullshi*. it has a great cast,so what?
I love every movie these two do. Soo funny!! My mom was laughing so hard!
Do you wanna go do karate in the garage? Hilarious.
For some reason I like that, observing people rather than just watching a film...might try it =)
:D hahaha trust me CAM is the best for comedy's. KickAss was hilarious the camera guy couldn't stop laughing, I heard him punching his leg with uncontrollable laughter...made movie 1000times better.
Spicoli, that has to be the first time that I've seen someone request a downgrade on this site.
This movies Great!! Does anyone have a CAM link?? I would love to see this movie with the audience laughing too. Makes comedy's funny as hell.
I'm gonna force my other half to watch this film.
Keep telling him that I've ''teabagged'' his drums, but he has no idea...

this is ferrell's funniest movie period

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