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I figiure I'd start on a (very) low note so that all the other movies I review are better. I was unfortunate enough to have this movie inflicted upon me. The plot to this movie was very hard to decipher from all the use of fuck and racial slurs, so I had to turn on closed captioning. The plot goes as follows: Theres this guy that they call Beansie, who is for some reason very angry. They say nigger a lot. He goes somewhere, says nigger and fuck a lot, then beats a guy up. People have sex. Repeat for 90 minutes of your life that you'll never get back.
One crazy muthafuckling movie
fuck these ppl sayin its shit,u know why they say its shit?cause they a bunch of rich hollywood living muthafuckas who wanna see movies about some white bitch arguing wit sum elegant sophisticated faggot about love.fuck that bullshit.this movie is all out RAWness,makes we wanna bust a cap.fucking watch this movie if u into this ghetto shit.fuck yall other reviewers,suck my fat dick.
State property 2 for a hiphop film wasnt bad at all. It was Real entertaining for me. Freeway even though his rap career is over Courtesy of Cassidy played a good role here. Beanie was just bein Beanie aint much to change. Dame was Dame and Dipset was Dipset .....ok film....:down: :up:
Starring: Beanie Sigel, Omillio Sparks, Memphis Bleek, Damon Dash, and Jay-Z.
Directed by Abdul Malik Abbott.
Written by Abdul Malik Abbott and Ernest "Tron" Anderson.
Rated R (for strong violence and sexuality, nonstop language, and drug content).
Running time approximately 1 hour 28 minutes.

I feel like such a racist. I hate films like this.

Much like the equally disposable Waist Deep, but filmed with less style, State Property is pretty much a complete waste of time. It's completely incomprehensible, endlessly boring (never a good thing when your film is less than 90 minutes long) and the actors...erm...whatever...all suck. Horrid trash. 1/2* (out of ****) D-
This Movie Is disappointing this is horrible The plot is bad and boring, Flat-out characters, Terrible acting, the pacing fells like it's a 3 hour film, there's nothing good about this film just your everyday wannabe Scarface film.

The film is about Beans who is tired of being broke so he decides to become a drug dealer with him and his friends selling drugs around Philly and making money and killing whoever gets in the way. Soon later in the film A character name Dame comes and decides to get even with Beans after he disrespects him and both of them go against each other in the film.

First of all the plot is so unoriginal the fact that Beans wants to become a drug dealer out of nowhere is dumb he has no really good reason just to get money that's it nothing else.and the pacing is so long there are scenes that feel that just too long and are unimportant.

As for the characters there's so flat. you don't much about beans' character. He's just a drug dealer trying to make money and that's it and the same goes for dame nothing else either he a drug dealer. As for beans' crew ABM they do bring some humor in the film but as a whole there no development for example the leader of the crew Baby Boy is so underdeveloped and very far from likable and I should point this out nobody in this film is likable. The only character that shows little bit of development is Blizz he's only motive is to be on top and get money and become a boss and goes further with that motivation when he betrays Beans but gets killed during the middle. So that's really it.

As for the acting well since most of the actors are Rappers I should be easy about this but they need to step there Acting game up. Beanie Sigel as beans he really needs to take some acting lesson If he did maybe he would have given a better performance than his bad performance. Same goes for Damon Dash's acting bad. He really at times struggles with his role despite the fact that he isn't an actor. Omillio Sparks with his Over-the-top performance gets on your nerves after a while even though at times it's funny but not laugh-out loud. Jay-Z has a cameo in this film but I can't judge his acting since his screen time was so small. as for the rest of the actors They all do a bad job with there roles.

For anyone who has seen this film stay away from it it's not worth your time your better off watching the the second state property which is ten times better.
If you've lived this life, you just might understand this movie..... Great work.....
I have no idea why all these people are so opposed to this movie. I remember watching it in and high school and thinking that this movie truly represents what making it big and crashing just as big in the inner city drug life will do. I wont speak for the acting, but I will say to say that the characters in this movie having no regard for life is being unrealistic just shows how little most people know about that lifestyle. I say yay for state property.
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