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Starship Troopers 1997

Humans in a fascistic, militaristic future do battle with giant alien bugs in a fight for survival...

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Solar rating: 8.3


Imdb rating: 7.2

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The third in Dutch director Paul Verhoeven's brilliant trilogy of science fiction satires. It's amazing to think that almost everyone totally misinterpreted the film when it was first released.
@james-047 I agree it was a great sci-fi film and technically it was an A-movie but it had tha B-movie feel. They butchered the legacy though with all the sequels. Cheers
One of the best B-Movies, better than some A-Movies 7.5/10
Classic.. i was able to see this in the movies when it came out.. i love a good graphic Action flick & this filled every void.. my only qualm was witht hte fact i wanted to see the sequel and that didn't come out until years later.. so not they have all 4 and i'll be watching all 4 in a row.. in 3...2...1.. ;)
a movie made at 97 is extremely well done the efects positive no doubt my opininon much better then many famous movies from that time and no doubt from now shhhh wake up.
yes we know why ya like this Film might it be Casper Van Dien?
I loved it too. I agree part 2 was a stinker. This was fun to watch, had action, blood, gore, a great love story, and just plain rocked as a SYFY Flick! 9.5/10
This old thing is an epic for all the cheesy reasons. You guys should see it for what it is instead of dissecting it as if someone pays you to criticise. If you watched it in 97, it would have been a wowser. It still is, but now, the cheesiness in just that more obvious... and funny. Nerd points 7/10
Not as good as I remember it...probably because I have some bad memories from bad experiences I had when I watched it the last couple of times.
I really don't like Paul Verhoeven's directing style.

Pretty cool. not a blockbuster but it's not terrible. some cool action and some pretty good effects. 7 on 10
Like the title says, the main charcters die like everyone else....unlike other movies where they are normally invincible :P that said i found it fun to watch and well if a movie is fun and entertaining i see no reason to give it a good rating so go troopers :) oh and some of the violent deaths don't hurt it either....
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