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Loved the TV series, never knew of this one before. Great movie if you are a fan. Always got some love for Amanda Tapping!
Need to watch more than Season 1 imo to get this :)

because of the Baal plotlines around S8-S9-S10 iirc
This is a fun tv movie, especially if you know the series. Stargate Children of the Gods is better i think , though really a recap of the 1st season, episodes 1&2. Recommend if your new to SG1 or just a watch to reminisce. 7/10
I am surprised at some of the high ratings I have seen for this. It's not bad, but it didn't thrill me much. The special effects weren't particularly good. It was just ikay to me.
Stargate Continuum is the 2nd Direct to DVD movie in the Stargate SG1 franchise. It broke new grounds and is definitely a movie worth seeing.

Now I know I've never reviewed a movie here before but I think this would be a good opinion for you to listen to. I may be a sci-fi fan but if I wasn't I'd enjoy Stargate Continuum anyways.

Stargate Continuum begins with the capture of SG1's worst enemies last clone, or so they think. Little do they know he has much in store for them, as the last true clone travels back in time and stops the stargate from reaching the United States, Three members manage to get into the gate before the time line shifts, it's now up to them in a parallel universe to fix the time line and make things right once again.

This movie had a fairly low budget of only about 7 million dollars but you will swear your watching a high budget film. The Special effects and music score will blow your minds. Most of all the acting is superb as we even get appearances by Richard Dean Anderson, Original Member of SG1 and commonly known as McGuyver.

Even if you aren't a stargate fan and don't know anything about the series, you can and will enjoy this movie. If you've ever watched a sci-fi show and said, Wow that was actually enjoyable than this movie is for you.

I give this movie a 9/10 as it is definitely one of the most enjoyable movies I've ever seen.
The Ark of Truth is no where near this effort. Continuum was outstanding and more of what a movie watcher wants to see in a movie.
For outsiders new to the show, 'Stargate: Continuum' might require a little explination, as it picks up the plot from the series with little back story to help it out. Regardless, the movie continues the battle to save the universe through the use of the Star Gates, when Ba'al travels back in time to stop the SG program from starting. This eventually causes a large time paradox which serves as the central plot for the film. The feature itself always keeps the viewer guessing, however it suffers from a short runtime of 98min, which makes it little more then an extended TV Episode. If you're a follower to the series, or a sci-fi fan, you will have no problem enjoying this movie. Those new to the series might want to watch some of the earlier episodes to assist in the back story.
As he is facing defeat, the last of the powerful alien System Lords, Ba'al (Simon) sets in motion a scheme that changes history and places him in a position to be the master of the entire galaxy. Three members of the US military's Stargate Command, Col. Cameron Mitchell (Browder), Col. Samantha Carter (Tapping) and antiquities scholar and archeologist Daniel Jackson (Shanks) were traveling in a stargate-generated wormhole when time changed, and they remember the old timeline. Now, they are the ones with even a small chance at stopping Ba'al and the restored System Lords and retoring history to its proper course.

"Stargate; Continuum" is a fabulous wrap-up to the long-running "Stargate SG-1" television series. Unlike the previous direct-to-DVD film, "The Ark of Truth", which felt a little like an overlong episode of the series and that suffered from so many story threads they got tangled in each other. Here, we're given a story that's simple in its foundation but which features enough twists and turns that the suspense lasts almost to the film's final moment. It's a great sci-fi action/adventure tale and a well-executed time-travel time story and it captures everything that made the series so cool for all those years.

The only weakness of the film is that it is not for the uninitiated. It doesn't spend a whole lot of time introducing viewers to the heroes, villains, or the Stargate Universe in general but hits the ground running and never stops. It also features cameos from a number of major bad guys and a couple of jokes and twists that will sail over the heads of anyoone who didn't follow the series on Sci-Fi regularly.

This definately worth checking out for all fans of the Stargate shows. The DVD also features a number of excellent extras, foremost among them being a great little short about the scientific theories relating to time travel and a full-length, very informative second audio track commentary by the producers on the film.

According to comments made by producer Brad Wright, MGM is pleased with the performance of the two films, and has approached him about third Stargate direc-to-DVD movie, and he is currently working with his team on a story. I hope it comes to pass, because I wouldn't mind taking another trip through the Stargate.

Stargate: Continuum
Starring: Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Claudia Black, Cliff Simon, Richard Dean Anderson, William Devane, and Beau Bridges
Director: Martin Wood
The story has been done before, but I liked the unique twists and turns. The paradox with Mitchel was cool, and the alernate Carter was more believable then that of the season episode with the alternate time line. The alternate Carter then was too weak. I liked the alternate T'ealc better. He was also better suited to the character. I am looking forward to the next movie to see where the story goes next.
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