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Stargate 1994

An interstellar teleportation device, found in Egypt, leads to a planet with humans resembling ancient Egyptians who worship the god Ra...

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Imdb rating: 7

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Loved every minute!!
@D.A.Veteran That is because there isn't a better show out there, with the exception of the TV series franchise, Stargate (SG1), Stargate Atlantis (SGA) and Stargate Universe (SGU) not withstanding the movies "Stargate: Ark of Truth" and "Stargate: Continuum" but I never got into "Stargate Infinity" it just never appealed to my true SciFi nature.
Since 94, I have seen this movie probably 25+ times. Still, I get enjoyment out of it, especially on Ra's face near the end. Semper Fi
Still one of the most original and brilliantly executed science fiction movies ever surprise there were so many spin-offs.
@LeSamourai Old Snake Plisken... You're a connoisseur indeed !
@Kewkew yes dunno, hasn't seems to aged well, but yes a classic in 1994,kurt russell what a legend! Escape from new-york, the old snake plisken... agreed!
@LeSamourai For what it's worth I totally disagree mon ami xD
IMHO that show's still a masterpiece for its time - and today!
A well deserved 8.5/10 for originality; let's not forget it's a 94' vintage :D
ive watched the movies, the show, and all the spinoffs. classic scifi here.
Back in 1994 it was fun and exiting, but I must say 20 years later not so much...5/10
One of the best sci-fi movie ever! It went to the tv show that runed for 10 seasons one of the longest running tv shows in that time! I loved it! Just see the movie!
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