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Star Trek: Generations 1994

Captain Picard, with the help of supposedly dead Captain Kirk, must stop a madman willing to murder on a planetary scale in order to enter an energy ribbon...

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@Bill7940 When they are in the Nexus it's Christmas time round Picard's house.
How the heck did this movie make it into the Christmas section???
Hello all, and how are you on this cold winter day?
(Okay I admit it i'm in a weird mood :p )
Christmas is now less than 10 days away and every who hasn't done their xmas shopping put their hands up

*LS waves her arms in the air*

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It is difficult (nay, impossible) for me to objectively review Star Trek: Generations. Looking at it from a distance, it is clearly a flawed, sprawling film that tells a complicated story quite clumsily and does not have a unifying theme or idea propelling its narrative. However, for devoted Trekkies (a group I used to belong to), Star Trek: Generations is an entertaining film that features the legendary pairing of Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart). Star Trek: Generations is the first film in the series to feature the cast of television's Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show which I believe is deeper and more consistently entertaining than its predecessor. Aside from a few cameo moments at the beginning of the film, the old crew (which included Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy and Scottie) have been cast aside in favour of new characters like Captain Picard, Cmdr. Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Lt. Cmdr. Data (Brent Spiner). Those who have not watched Star Trek: The Next Generation are likely to be completely lost during the majority of Star Trek: Generations...this is a movie made by and for Trekkies, and its appeal is basically limited to the show's fan base. However, those willing to forgive the movie's somewhat sloppy storytelling will discover an interesting concept at the film's core. Star Trek: Generations is about a mysterious outer space entity known as the Nexus, which can sweep people into a heavenly world of joy: once inside the Nexus, your fondest memory or best fantasy becomes a reality. The allure of the Nexus is so strong that a scientist named Dr. Soran (Malcolm McDowell) is willing to take drastic action to ensure that he returns to it...action so drastic that it will result in the deaths of millions of innocent people. Naturally, Captain Picard and the Enterprise attempt to stop Soran from carrying out his plans. When focusing on the central storyline, Star Trek: Generations is quite compelling and thought-provoking: we wonder how far we would go to enter a place like heaven. McDowell brings an energy and ferocity to his role, and his scenes opposite Stewart are among the best in the movie. The problem with Generations is that it insists on various subplots that are only of mild interest to hardcore fans of the show. A subplot involving the ship's android Data (who was the best character on the show) is supposed to provide comic relief, but it is not particularly compelling, while another storyline having something to do with two Klingon sisters is confusing and unnecessary. Yet Trek fans will be willing to forgive all of the film's flaws simply to see Captain Kirk and Captain Picard joining forces against the evil Soran. Star Trek: Generations is not a completely successful debut for the new crew of the Enterprise, but it is a passably enjoyable science-fiction film that will always be remembered for bringing together two legendary captains, Kirk and Picard, for one unforgettable meeting.

Not the best... but certainly not the worst.

OK so I saw this movie last night. I have seen it before in the theaters wayyy back and I had the chance to watch it again so i took the opportunity since there is nothing else on tv.. watched it on the movie channel.. so no commercials.. so my movie reviews will be based on a full viewing and no commercial interruption.
I thought it was a good movie not the best.. as say Star Trek II:wrath of Khan but I enjoyed iit none the less. Picards obsession on revenge and backdrop of star trek history, which slowly gets re-written as the yrs have gone by. The battle sequences were good as usual for star trek and the borg.. well superior as usual with the "queen" of the borg.. like a hive. queen dies.. they all die..

on a side note.. I have finished my mourning of my cat after a day.. I took her to the pound where they disposed of it. they wanted 42.50$ to cremate it. but I sort of balked and said I didnt have that much. they said what do I have 10-15$? so I fished out a 20$ in my pocket and gave it to them and they said fine.. and that was that. ashes to ashes.. dust to dust.
The plot line is okay, but it carries it out slowly. We only get to see some good action when the Klingon ships arrives, but it is short lived. The fact that Picard and Kirk teamed up is epic, but the outcome of their meeting could have been better. Watching two old men fight another old man is not exactly that entertaining, of course unless two of those old men happen to be Picard and Kirk. Perhaps if Soran had gathered a few more people that the Enterprise-B saved from the Nexus, the final fight would have been better. Data's emotion provides good comedy though.
Most excellent...true human storytelling in an SF setting.
A so-so Star Trek movie. I would have liked a lot more interaction between Picard and Kirk (as a matter of fact, it would have been neat to have the entire crews meet each other).

I really find Jonathan Frakes hard to take, and the Next Generation crew is far inferior to the original crew of the Enterprise, IMO. It's just not the same without Spock.

Anyways, while there are a few very cool lines, especially from Malcolm McDowell. I found his character very poorly written, though. I couldn't tell if I was supposed to sympathize with him, or hate him.

As I said before, a so-so Star Trek movie. Nowhere near the amazingness of The Wrath of Khan, but also nowhere near the horrendousness of Nemesis.
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