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Stake Land 2010

Martin was a normal teenage boy before the country collapsed in an empty pit of economic and political disaster. A vampire epidemic has swept across what is left of the nation's abandoned...

Release Date:
June 17, 2011
98 min
Jim Mickle ...
Connor Paolo, Robin Williams, Danielle Harris, Christina Cole, Jean Brassard, Nick Damici, Tim House, Stuart Rudin, Larry Fessenden, John Johnson, Chance Kelly, Piper, Pamela Martin, Terry Anderson, Kelly McGillis, Max Murphy, Sean Nelson, Adam Scarimbolo, Lou Sumrall, Charlie Palmer, James Godwin, Kevin Kline, Michael Thomas, Traci Hovel, Jack Walker, Heather Robb, Michael Cerveris, Gibson, Steve Heller, Asa Liebmann, Bonnie Dennison, Mike Hill, Rich Baker, Marianne Hagan, Emily Cain, Adam Folk, Vonia Arslanian, Beth Mickle, Daniel Zimmerman, Daru Oda, Lou Lou, Graham Reznick, Judy Johnson, Gregory Jones, Eric Stanze, Jack Fessenden, Brian Spears, Jackie Baker, Phyllis Bash, Lauren Baker, Joyce Kennedy, Eilis Cahill, Laurent Rejto, Chris DeCicco, Lisa Hill, Anthony Spina, Gus, Sebastian Naskaris, Richard Elliott, Amanda Williams, Glen Cooper, Gary Robertson, Greg Kennedy, Andrew Adams, Angelique Biasutto, Jim Mickle, Dakota, Jackson McCord, Seamus Boyle, Danny Mefford, Anastasia Neimann, Mike Jensen, Jacques Roy, Mona Lessnick, Grant McCord, B. Beddoe, Lizz Morhaim, Bryce Burke, Shawn Snow, James Mickle, Rich Deem, Chris Eddinger, Eric Owens, Jusin Farrell, Brian Finnegan, Brian Prizer, Austin Paterson, Kyle Fultz, Frank Harris, Dave Strohm, Jake Rasmussen, Dave Hartman, Tim Mcgee, Michael Weidner, Jeffrey W. Telepu, Robb McCleary, Kyle Mieczkowski, Jeremy Zook, Jason Wagner, George Zook, Matthias Hickey, Derek Curl, Peter Phok, Brent Kunkle, Dominique Biasutto, Patrick Cecilian, Christopher Kijeh, Stanley A. Kijeh, Tim Gehling, Ann Cover, Lissette Almonte, Brittany Dauber, Amy Altarelli, Simon Kantola, Shane Delameter, James Enfield Ashby, Kathleen Anderson, Wendy Dillingham, Victoria Baker, Saul Elliott, Adam D. Dries, Josh Baker, Lisa Kern, Travis Baldwin, Rich Kitchum, Holli Evans, Cynthia Baldwin, Pamela Banner, Cullan Lafferty, Erin Filuprit, Robert Bishop, Richard Blacksberg, Caitlin Logan, Aidan Ploutz, Bea Blacksberg, Kasey Bornhoeft, Dianne Marshall, Dave Prizier, Katie Bornhoeft, Frank Brewer, Robert B. Maxim, Scott Prizier, Frank Brenkle, Alicia Caseler, William McLain, Genesis Quinones, Sage Byron, Amber Certain, Dustan Miller, Bella Reid, Ally Caselli, Linda Cousin, Bianca Molnar, Triston Daly, Peter Molnar, Gaudys Sanford, Melissa Day, Yu Nagasaka, Robert Schlueter, Sharon Nichols, Harley Shamro, Jennifer Holz, Skip Dillingham, Alison O'Brien, Rosie Simmons, Joshua Hotz, Melissa Drexel, Ryan Owens, Dorothea Swiac, Anastasia Iorga, Robert V. Vinning, Charles Freas, Brandon Spano, Judi Jarvis, Maximilian Frey, Jonathan Spano, Garrett Jester, Howie Futterman, Jeremy Stake, Robert Joedicke, Gregory Forsman, Kristi Ganette, Robert Stanley, Arthur Kadyshes, Alex Fretz, Malcolm Haight, Carl Steen, Shaun Keen, Briana Freymoyer, Christine Byron-Steen, Joseph Hodges, Jeanette Thompson, Ethan Kitchum, Steven Futterman, Henry Hyneman, Richard J. Treitner, Jamis Kruger, Richard B. Garcia, Vlad Iorga, Arlene D. Vining, Robin Linzey, Sarah Hagakorz, Jessica Jester, Robert Wenrich Jr., Beth Marri, Alexis Molnar, Carol Molnar, Matthew Witte, Sue Witte, David Riegel, Corinne Nanghton, Steve Witte Jr., Zsolt Zilary, Paul McLain, Joyce Northacker, Geoff Samuels, Mary Small, Dennis Michele, Carlie Owens, Lisa Scalf, Amy Spano, Storm Stanley, Terri Seca, Keith Spano, Kimberly Sullivan, Amber Plaut, Carmine Simmons, Scott H. Thompson, Juan Pablo, Tanya Stake, Z.Z. Tommsisco, Linda Reid, Thomas W. Holdener Jr., Lorenza Ponce, Dave Eggar, Jofre Romarion, William Palinski, Gregory Jones, James Godwin, Piper, Gus, Gibson, Jack Walker, Andrew Adams, Michael Murphy, Gary Robertson, John Johnson, Terry Anderson, Greg Kennedy, Rich Baker, Jackie Baker, Lauren Baker, Glen Cooper, Steve Heller, Mike Hill, Lisa Hill, Michael Thomas, Joyce Kennedy, Richard Elliott, Judy Johnson, Robin Williams, Pamela Martin, Amanda Williams, Charlie Palmer ...
Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi ...

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Solar rating: 8.5


Imdb rating: 6.5


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really really good 8/10
Cant believe i missed this first time around. Good movie... 7.5/10
You grow attached to the characters in this one...Good flick.
it was real good but those look more like zombies than vampires, and come on why did it have to end there i wanted to see what was waiting for them inside.
I watched this movie a while back and I thought it was pretty darn good and well made.
I love the Apocalypse. Very enjoyable stuff, a little extreme in places. Liked the journey aspect of the story. Bit of a hidden gem this one. 7/10
@Ray662 ur welcome ... but as i watched, i remembered i had seen this b4 ... still a good vampire movie ... was worth the watch a second time!!
thank you for pointing this one out I will have to watch it later i had forgot to watch it when it came out lol
How in the world did i miss this one>>>??? heheheh ... Stake Land is a 2010 vampire film in the zombie apocalypse vein directed by Jim Mickle and starring Nick Damici, who cowrote the script with Mickle. It also stars Connor Paolo, Danielle Harris and Kelly McGillis. The plot revolves around an orphaned young man being taken under the wing of a vampire hunter known only as 'Mister', and the battle for survival in their quest for a safe haven ... Will be Watching!!
You should Watch it you will like it. I know I did. It has a different twist or two then ya normal VAMP movies. Enjoy! Cheers...
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