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|wouw This is just great ;) . sexy girls : t o m m y 4 u . c () m

Well I have to say this is the perfect movie to showcase what life is NOT like. Oh I just broke up with my fiance who then went and had sex with my best friend on the same night...but it's all good.
It's a "meh" movie, but the message it tries to portray gets rubbed in your face and it's just so pathetically unrealistic in its portrayal of life and love that its laughable.
St. Elmo's Fire (Which does not appear to be in Rotten Tomato's database for some reason) can easily be the spiritual predecessor of the horrendous teen comic/melodrama of the late 90's such as "She's all that", "Boys and Girls" or any other rubbish starring Freddie Prinze Jr.

Its starts of at the graduation of a group of 5 terribly attractive young people, each with a different personality to relate with their teen audience and cardboard cut out personalities.

First we have Rob Lowe as Billy Hicks, the bohemian Sax player, dead-beat dad party animal white suburban teenagers long for, then we move on to Demi Moore who plays the slutty girl with too many problems for her already too complicated life (Drama Queen) Judd Nelson the adulterer who is engaged to the lovely Ally Sheedy as pair of yuppie Republicans while Andrew McCarthy slips into the pseudo-intellectual (We know this because he smokes and has a long jacket) writer who fancied Ally's character for ages but has yet to tell her, and to round out the cast there's Emilio Estevez as Kirby a would be lawyer working as a waiter in St, Elmo's Bar in love with doctor Andie MacDowell (looking quite well may I add)

There's also a subplot involving Mare Winnigham as a virgin, but its not given enough focus (or originality) to make it interesting.

Its pretty much your standard "Coming of age" flicks that take place after college and into the wild jungle that is adulthood.

But, that isnt to say this is an incredibly bad movie. The direction by Joel Schumacher is good (Who also co wrote the script) but I didnt care much for the pacing. It has adequate 80's photography and some good music. The actors do a good enough job with the material that they're given, especially stand out Rob Lowe who's character is a complete jackass-screw up creates some level of Fonz coolness, Demi, Ally and Andie do their jobs well as eye candy and Judd Nelson does his usual kick ass hammy shouting and getting pissed act, which he had nailed by this point. Emilio and Andrew have done better...

To put it this way, this movie is your typical mediocre teen movie. Adequate cast and direction, but weak script, humor or character development. Unlike the seminal John Hughes films, this lacks the stand out characters, dialogue and heart which made those films classics.

Modern audiences will be bored by its pacing and 80's aesthetic and likely will not see the similarities between this and the more modern teen films. But, 30 somethings or Brat pack enthusiasts will enjoy this trip down memory lane.

P.S. The Billy Idol portrait in Demi's character's house is so rad, that if I werent a heterosexual male in living in the year 2004, I'd get one done.
The other day I went with my parents and we went to McKenzie. I didn't want to go to Rural King...ugh. So I went to the antique store. When I got there I couldn't find anything and my mom had given me a five dollar limit. Who isn't going to try to find anything? I mean it's five dollars. So I found......Wayne's World and Benny and Joon. Wayne's World was 1 dollar and Benny and Joon was 2 dollars. I could have died. So later on I went to Fred's with my mom and dad and I found.....St. Elmo's Fire and Better off Dead. Wow! My luck is soooo extremely great. I have watched them all in the past two days. They are soooo great to own. I might cry......
:rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: This was one of the films, that came out in the 1980's, that had the same cast, as alot of other films from thoes years, that started the "Brat Pack" lable (a twist on the term "Rat Pack", look it up.), that these actors didn't like at all. Watch it if you have an 80's night at the movies, so you can see how bad, Rob Lowes, hair could get.
St. Elmo's Fire opened in 1985, a time where teen movies were either Porky's or Breakfast Club. But, instead of beign Porky's, or even Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire is both movies at the same time. It tries to give people a vision over the problems of young adults, but it falls in so much stereotypes it misses it's point by an inch. It's the story of seven friends, recently graduated from college, Alec (Judd Nelson), Leslie (Ally Sheedy), Kirby (Emilio Estevez), Billy (Rob Lowe), Kevin (Andrew McCarthy), Jules (Demi Moore) and Wendy (Mare Winningham). They're having troubles with money, relationships and jobs, but leave it behind every saturday-night at the St. Elmo's Bar, where they gather to have fun.

The main problem with St. Elmo's Fire is that, instead of focussing in the characters (which is something you might expect of a movie about young people conscernes), it's spot is in the situations they're into. Don't forget, this is an 80's movie: there are sometimes when the music gets louder and the actors seem to have been told to just act as cool as they can. The characters are clich
Why did I watch this all the way through until 1:00am last night? I was busy working, catching up on email, sure, but after absorbing Demi Moore's horrible acting which is nothing to say of the craptacular performances of the entire brat-pack cast, I was left shivering in disgust, sucking my thumb, crouched in the corner. Muttering, "Scarecrow, scarecrow."

Such a forced attempt to build an industry of cool. Schumacher squeezes out another steamer. Well done...

Joel... the man, the myth... the cinematic criminal.
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