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it was a busy day today. it was my first time on duty and there was alot of work after the long weeekend. as a result my duty held me back quite late, till 6+. however it was ameliorated by the sumptuous treat by our commander for the whole lot. we went to a seafood restaurant and feasted on, among other things yusheng, black pepper and chilli crabs and sharks fin. awesome, man!

spy kids ix just a cgi fest. story inconsequential. kid mildy cute, with occasional humor. watchable, but hardly exciting. a decidedly mediocre offering. yea, i know its a kids movie, but it lacks the wit of harriet the spy, or lush graphics of finding nemo or even the zest of lilo and stich. and it does not hold a candle to either home alone or neverending story.
Tonight, Jeff and Yvonne decided not to go out. They decided to stay in with me and watch a flick on the campus movie channel...

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Story (Weisman, 2003) - *
Child stars on your television? You heard right. Now you can watch this vanity project in the convenience of your own home. BUT PLEASE DO NOT. I will not even dignify this film with any more words. Snap!


Robert Rodriguez is a very interesting director. He not only directs, but he writes, edits, and scores as well. This helps him keep production costs down to please the studio...

Spy Kids (Rodriguez, 2001) - ***1/2
Oh shit-ake mushrooms! Spy Kids is one of the most entertaining and intelligent kids adventure films of all time. It spawned 2 sequels -- each lowering the bar a step lower, like most sequels do. The third being a 3-D spectacle released last summer that was fun for fans of the series, including me. It is sad to see this franchise go, but it must be good for the kids involved in the film. Now they will be able to have lives and careers. They hopefully will not be pinned to their image of spy kids forever. Anyone who hasn't seen this film might even be surprised that they might actually like it! Check it out. GEORGE CLOONEY CAMEO


I tried watching David Lynch's Blue Velvet with Megan the other night, but she thought it was "stupid." I ended up turning it off an hour into it, because I wanted to go to bed (having already seen the film multiple times). I just finished watching it for the millionth time...

Blue Velvet (Lynch, 1986) - ****
This is one of those David Lynch films that only Lynch fans will approve of. Unless you are obsessed with Mulholland Drive and Twin Peaks, then it will be incredibly hard to get into a film like Blue Velvet. The movie showcases an underlying theme to most of Lynch's work - secrets lie beneath the surface. This is beautifully symbolized in the opening sequence where a man watering his lawn suffers a heart attack. He falls to the ground, and the camera slowly zooms beneath the blades of grass to a colony of digging bugs. Minutes later, Kyle MacLachlan finds a human ear while throwing stones. What unfolds from this mystery is not as confusing as Mulholland Drive or as intriguing as Twin Peaks, but it earned Lynch his first Academy Award for best direction in a motion picture.


"Go tell your husband you love him, okay?"

I believe that is what Bob Harris whispers into Charlotte's ear at the end of Lost in Translation. Of course, director Sofia Coppola scripted no line for the exchange, but after watching this relationship for 100 minutes, we feel as if we know the characters enough to make this assumption...

Lost in Translation (Coppola, 2003) - ****
On a serious note, I have always felt a certain connection with this film. I know this seems to be a "critic's favorite" film over the audience, but I have always seen it differently. Coppola's story of two Americans in Tokyo completely lacks genre and plot. It is completely character and dialogue driven. I feel it is one of the best films of 2003. To let a little secret out... I really like this film because of how I see it as relating to the Megster and I. She doesn't know this, but I feel as if this film is a tribute to the people we meet seemingly by accident. To me, Megan is one of those people. Utilizing the butterfly effect (hehe) it is very possible that Megan and I never would have met. What if her cousin never moved to Grafton? What if I didn't work at Lake Ripple Video? What if my last name didn't begin with the letter "y"? What if my English teacher didn't move my seat to the front of the room because I talked so damn much? What if the seat between me and her cousin was filled by the sick student who usually sat there? What if Meg didn't sit next to me? What if I didn't talk to her? What if??? I am sure anyone can relate to this film. To some, this movie seems aimless. Like a big "inside joke" if you will. But, to me, the joke's on you. This movie is a masterpiece


I started off real early this morning by watching Joel Gallen's Not Another Teen Movie...

Not Another Teen Movie (Gallen, 2001) - **1/2
This movie is likely to shock most people who see it. Let me tell you, if you haven't seen it already. It is OK to laugh! The movie is very very funny. Sure, you have to have a stomach for toilet humor, but, if you have seen these so-called "teen" movies, then this should NOT be missed. My favorite part of the film is probably a scene (if you can call it that) that is dismissed by some. The kid who tries to fit in with the Asian kids says bye to his Asian posse, and then some ghetto white kids make fun of him for thinking he was Asian. Haha! AND the guy who wants so desperately to start the "slow clap." The only thing keeping this movie away from greatness is the fact that the comedy is easy. It is very easy to make fun of things. It was proven in Scary Movie. Both of these movies can be funny if you can look past the grossness. If you are looking for 90 minutes of outrageous, and extremely watchable, humor, check out Not Another Teen Movie. Oh yeah, one more thing: when the main character breaks out into song. Haha! Those are just a few of the laughs. A "very slow clap" for Not Another Teen Movie.

"Wow my very own private screening of the Matrix."

Overall: Good entertainment. Alexa and Daryl are so enchanting they make you want to watch them again and again and again. My only complaint was the plot and the flooglies, for some reason or another, they creeped me out.

When the parents of two young kids disappear, the kids realize that their parents were not boring. They were super-sleuths. Now its upto the kiddies to join the "family business".

A wholesome entertainer for the entire family -- though there are too many wacky spy devices that are never explained nor do we understand how the kids could learn about them so soon -- oh what the heck, i'm back to cribbing :)

Watch out for a surprise cameo by a famous actor towards the end.


MY Rating : 7/10 :fresh:
A Great Spy Movie!!
I don't know whats going on in this little kids mind, but she sucks donkey balls! Spy Kids was terrible, i don't even wanna get into the sequels. And Odd Girl Out, the sad Lifetime story of peer pressure made me wanna kill myself before the movie was even over! Horrible:rotten:

Best in Show: Antonio Banderas
One for the future: Alexa Vega
Stand-out scene: Minion's new head
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

Robert Rodriguez goes from an 18 rating to a U in this agreeably light kids' adventure movie. Having seen much of his 18-rated offerings (El Mariachi, Desperado, The Faculty, From Dusk Til Dawn) I wasn't sure if his skills would translate to the General Audience rating but they triumphantly have here. With two sequels under its kiddie spy belt subsequently this apparently struck a money-spinning chord with cinemagoers worldwide too. Developed from Rodriguez's Four Rooms segment

The movie opens by zippily spinning through how two members of rival spy rings, Gregorio (Banderas) and Ingrid (Carla Gugiono) became an item. It's their progeny, Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) who soon take centre stage as they're propelled into the world of junior espionage. A kids' TV presenter Fegan Floop (a loving-every-minute-of-it Alan Cumming) is rounding up all the world's top spies and trapping them into the guises of characters on his show (one can only imagine how Rodriguez - who also wrote the screenplay - pitched this premise to the studio). The Cortez duo (who have been retired for ten years bringing up little Carmen and Juni) are on Floop's list as Gregorio has something he needs to realise a diabolical plan. He aims to replace the president's daughter with a replicant be controls but in order to accomplish this he requires the brain Gregorio has in his possession. He was meant to destroy it when an experiment to create the ultimate spy went wrong, but kept hold of it. Gizmos, gadgets and chop-sockery follow all moving along at a pace kids will and have, lapped up. While the kids themselves sometimes threaten to cross the thin line between tolerable and annoying, there's a tongue-in-cheek gentle humour throughout and the adult audience has been been built into the equation. In short, a kids' film adults can enjoy too. A triumph. WIth Antonio Banderas. And a cameo appearance from longstanding Rodriguez mucker George Clooney. That's my idea of a movie worth watching.
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