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Spread 2009

A sex comedy centered on a serial womanizer and his jilted lover...

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It's admirable for an actor who has been stuck doing one type of character or film role to attempt to break into more serious and meaningful subject matter. Unfortunately, in the case of Ashton Kutcher, he simply doesn't have the demeanor, nor the talent as an actor to pull it off.

Kutcher plays a young man who wants to make it in the movie business, but the only job he can find is that of a gigolo to the lonely and rich women of Beverly Hills. He's good at it and quickly learns how to sponge off them, allowing him to live the good life and screw around as he likes.

Striving to be something like Warren Beatty in Shampoo or Richard Gere in American Gigolo, the film pales in comparison. At first it might seem like Kutcher is switching gears, but in reality he is still just playing a version of his other roles and he never owns the character. His emotional scenes become uncomfortable and amusing, since his acting just isn't very good.
Awful movie. Poorest acting Kutcher has ever done, too much sex throughout the movie (yes, there can be too much sex haha) and it's all done very tasteless. The director tries to make me feel bad for these two awful people when in reality, they are both scummy people who deserve what they get coming to them. The movie has poor dialouge and just throws scenes in there for filler, poorly done.
This is a really bad movie from every perspective, with the exception that there are many attractive naked bodies to look at. Bad acting, bad script, bad direction, bad filming. They should have tossed this movie into the trash can. It certainly won't help Ashton Kutchner's career - if this movie is anything to judge by then Ashton can't act.
THIS MOVIE IS RUBBISH!! Lots of porn scenes, about 5 funny scenes, this movie is NOT worth the watch
It's an ok film, but too large for the history
What a terrible film! The summary at my newspaper told it was a comedy. There is nothing in the movie that works. Ashton Kutcher seems like forcing his voice into a lower tone to look like bored and guess what? The whole movie is boring.
Actually better than what i was expecting, and once you get over Ashton's deep voice acting, it is quite engrossing. Nice to see a change of gear for Ashton too!
This movie is like a porno they allowed on the big screen. I was disappointed in Ashton for taking on this film...
I dont know where this movie was trying to go and I cant decide if this was a drama, a comedy, or a romantic film. I think that it had a little bit of everything and unfortunately it didnt work as any of them. In order for it to be a drama it should have had character develpment, if it wanted to be a comedy it should have been funny, and if it wanted to be a romantic film it should have had some romance in it and not just sex. I think that as the title suggests they just spread every film genre into this movie and the combination was a bad result. Everything in this movie was just bad and didnt seem to work, begginning from the narration by Ashton Kutcher with a voice that didnt seem to fit his part, to the acting by the enitre cast, to the dialogue, and to the story which was unoriginal and plain. The movie didnt seem to go anywhere for the first hour and it only focused on showing a lot of sex scenes. It felt pointless and by the time it actually began to go somewhere my interest was already lost in the film. I didnt really care for any of the characters and couldnt care less to who ended up with who.

Ashton Kutcher plays Nikki, a playboy who lives in Hollywood and who seduces rich girls in order to live off them. Thanks to his looks he has no problem in getting girls and when the movie begins he seduces Anne Heches character, Samantha, who lives in a nice mansion and drives a mercedes. Nikki moves in with Samantha but he continues to go out with other girls and has casual sex with them. When Samantha goes to work, Nikki stays at the pool all day and when she travels he has parties at her house with several hot girls. Sonia Rockwell plays Christina and she is just one more of the girls on Nikkis list that he calls when he has nothing else to do. Another one of the girls is Emily, played by Rachel Blanchard (known for her TV roles in 7th Heaven and Clueless). One day Nikki meets Heather (played by Margarita Levieva who is better know for her role in Adventurland as Lisa P) and he actually falls in love with her. Soon he discovers that she is just like him, she goes out with wealthy men and lives off them, but he really likes this girl and wants things to work out.

I already mentioned that I didnt like Kutchers voice in this movie, it didnt feel natural and the narration didnt work. The only character that I thought was ok was Heather. Margarita Levieva was probably the best thing about this movie and I wish she had more screen time, her chemistry with Kutcher was believable but the movie wasted too much time to get to this point and I had already lost my interest in Nikki or what would happen to him. The best thing about this movie was the ending, it was not your typical Hollywood movie and I am glad it ended the way it did, but it was just too little too late to save the movie.
It seems that David Mackenzie got lost in directing the movie... it was like a soft porn with bad screenplay and good acting to a certain degree. A lot of young people who haven't seen much of the real life will enjoy this film and the rest will wonder why beautiful and shallow are going together for most characters!?
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