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Spider-Man 3 2007

A strange black entity from another world bonds with Peter Parker and causes inner turmoil as he contends with new villains, temptations, and revenge...

Release Date:
May 4, 2007
139 min
Sam Raimi
Paul Edney, Cliff Robertson, Ted Raimi, ...
Drama, Thriller, Action, ...

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Solar rating: 7.4


Imdb rating: 6.2

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This is probably the worst Spiderman movie ever. It's a joke.
Imo the plot on this movie is the worst on the series, like special power suits dropping from the sky without any explanation for it, plus many other holes on the story..
@Vortx I still don't know what people didn't like about this. This was awesome, and almost everything I had wanted from a Spider-man movie. I thought it was perfect.
I literally got bored and turned the movie off.. I have no idea how this ends but the plot has more holes then a road in a Detroit ghetto.

My favorite out of 1 & 2, not watched the new one yet.

:fresh: I think that it will be very very good!:up:
:) I think that Spider Man 3 will be a good movie . And It'll be one of the best movies I've ever seen.I give it 10 :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:
Dear Spider-man Fans!

This is great news about the new SPIDER-MAN 3 movie!

Not only am I pleased that Venom is finally making his debut in this third installment, Also the Sandman will be included as well. Although I am not very certain as to why Sam Raimi is not going to continue the Goblin saga family series. According to the Spidey comics, the son of the Goblin wears a yellow Goblin suit instead of wearing his father's Goblin suit?

But hey, Maybe Sam Raimi felt Harry Osborne wearing his father's Goblin costume brings a deeper conviction to him and his father's personal anguish towards SPIDER-MAN as Harry consistently wants to pursue SPIDER-MAN to the death since Peter Parker is dealing with the duality relationships with his friends and his girlfriend, M.J. , but soon to get involved with a new love, Stacy, who I think dies by the hands of one of these super Villians.

Spider-man 4,5, and 6??

Let me tell you guys something! Sometimes its not good to keep a great Super Hero on the silver screen for such a long period of time. Look at BATMAN? Thanks to the horrible movies, the BATMAN character has fallen off the comic book shelves, and the movies into the trash! I used to like BATMAN before I watched those movies.

Spider-man 3 is probably going to be Sam Raimi's last film he makes with this super hero series. If you have not noticed, each Spider-Man movie takes a great deal in patience, Creativity, A great staff like Sam Raimi has put together to make these SPIDEY films a great success in the making and production.

Yes, more SPIDER-MAN movies would be kool, but If I were Sam Raimi, I would think that stopping it at sequal 3, makes a great stopping point for me since you dont want to ruin and burn the image of America's and favourite Web slinger of all time!

In any case, I could be proved wrong. Directors have been known to make a come back and do another 3 movies. I just know that Sam Raimi and his great staff, and I mean everybody on Sam Raimi's team, has done a brilliant job at making SPIDER-MAN a reality for all of us. Its a dream come true to many Comic books fans, and for those crazy fanatic collectable dealers, this makes a great collection to add. Sam Raimi I have adored your work since EVIL DEAD. I will be on the edge of my seat as I watch you grow into another, PETER JACKSON and STEVEN SPIELBERG DIRECTOR/PRODUCER!!!

This 3rd installment will be interesting relating to Spidey's new costume! We well see how Sam Raimi portrays the new Black Costume of Spidey, since the black outfit's origin is very alien and not of this world, thus creating the origins of Eddie Brock's birth of Venom! The comic books tell the entire story of how the black spidey costume and Venom were born! We will see how Stan Lee and Raimi go about with keeping the true story from the comic books and bringing it to the screen and see how they approach it from here!

Improvements on SPIDER-MAN Character:

One thing I greatly noticed was the main fact that Peter Parker's webbing was really an arm contraption that he himself devised to create the web shooting and the swinging in the comic books. The great improvement on the character is the fact that the webbing is actually a part of Peter Parker's special attributes, webbing coming out of his wrists, which makes his true abilities more dimensional now that I think about it! A great transition from comic to reality! I love it, thanks for keeping the magic alive and even greater than it has been in a long, long time!

I could not think of any better actor than, Tobey Mcguire! He is perfect!

Thanks for reading...
This is the movie I always want to watch. Cannot wait untill its released..
Spiderman 3
This is going to come out as a long rant, not in any real order so if you don't care about "Spider Hyphen Man" then stop now. You won't get this time back.

Too much. Too long. Too many villains. 3 (okay, so Green Goblin doesn't hang about that much. Just comes in for a bit of WWF tagging at the end).

Too many continuity errors (in the final punch up PP has no mask on. Then he does - and it's ripped. Not always in the same places. Harry's scar. Hmm. Moves about. Gets deeper. And the door knob gag. Does Peter leave the door ajar or should we be listening to his Aunt fumbling (sorry) for his knob?

Too much shattered glass (Hey, guys - look what I can do on the computer - shattered glass - shards, splinters, fragments and just plain bits. So let's smash a lot of digital glass for the audience).

Too preachy. Oh yeugh! "With great power know" but really, this was going a bit far. I've had better stuff in fortune cookies. Yup, "we all have to make choices." No kidding. I don't mind a character on the screen learning a lesson, but, hey, leave me out of it. I chose to see the film. End of commitment. I'm with John Keats on this ("we dislike poetry which has designs upon us"...or something like that. See, I know poetry and stuff, too).

Oh yeah, and too rapidly edited. I like a bit of cause and effect. You know, the guy throws a punch; it connects with the other guy's chin; oof! guy goes down.

But with this! In the end I just thought (a) I'm too old (b) something exciting is happening here but I'll just wait and see who is standing at the end.

When I saw the trailer I thought "Oh dear, looks like The Blob is going to take over PP" but I didn't think I'd have to wait so long for it to happen. It was like watching "Superman" and waiting for 45 minutes before he flies (Hang on - isn't that what does happen in the Reeves version?). And isn't the Evil Thing in a meteorite a teeny bit old hat? I can think of at least 4 films (ignoring any X-Files episodes).

I'm not going to go into the internal logic of the Sand Man (or Mud Man, it seems to say on the credits). Suffice to say, how did he keep picking up that locket when he'd been washed away or blown to granules? Clearly, the locket and the kid were important in the original cut but they just don't do anything in he film I saw. And the kid is still sick at the end of the film (I was a bit nauseous but that that was the trite moralising) and Sand Man was still poor - or was he blowing off to pick up his loot. I dunno.

And the evil Venom-creating blobby stuff back at the lab. I admire the cool of the scientist - he's got some stuff from outer space that moves about. Is he excited? Nah. He just rings up PP and warns him it may alter his mood a bit. I guess when Sam Raimi runs out of ideas (and I could hear a trickling noise when I watched this) he can always have lab guy take home some Black Stuff for the kids...or maybe he doesn't get that promotion so he decides to...heck, I'm no screenwriter but...

And as for M.J. Fancy starring in a Broadway musical directed by peole who don't discover that you can't project your voice until the first night of the show. Still, she makes up for it later. Boy, can she scream...and scream...and scream. And her character (Huh!) is so inconsistent. She's reverted to being a shallow, fickle teen who gets all antsy when she sees her boy kiss another girl (out in the open, at an awards ceremony - it's the secret snogs she needs to worry about).

But if my beloved turned up with a hot date at my place of work and proceeded to upstage me in front of an audience I'd probably do a little more than M.J. managed.

And how does PP get those pictures of himself. I know cameras have these timer things but some of those shots. As an amateur I'd like to see him set 'em up and then scuttle back to his lofty vantage point in time to assume a heroic pose...or could PP be faking it, too?

Anyway, if you've read this far. Thank you. I liked the first two movies a lot. They didn't make me squirm in my seat and scratch my head and say "Hang on a second..." The Spiderman (it even looks better without the hyphen) franchise is only about comic book stuff so why am I so bothered? Because this one was a bit of a mess, because it didn't trust to its audience's intelligence, because it preached at us, because it could have been so much better. Sometimes more is less.

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