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Spider-Man 2002

When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he eventually must use to fight evil as a superhero after tragedy befalls his family...

Release Date:
May 3, 2002
121 min
Sam Raimi
Cliff Robertson, Ted Raimi, Evan Arnold, ...
Action, Adventure, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 8


Imdb rating: 7.3

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thank's for the upload

great link!

spiderman was a good movie.the third one was great.lets just hope they dont mess up the redoing of the next one.

Great Movie
Just a bit too overrated. Spiderman wasn't cool at all. His discovery of powers was awesome though -- but he doesn't move in a wicked way like in the cartoons. And they should have included the Twin Towers in the movie (they edited it out after 9/11).

7/10 :fresh:
I just found out that Alfred Molina will star as Doc Ock in Spider-man 2. Although the movie looks very bad, I want to see it just for Molina - he is a breathtaking actor. He deserves a 20/10, but of course RT doesn't offer that. I am also happy to see Thomas Jane, another of my favorite actors, in the title role of The Punisher. I have yet to see a trailer for this movie, but I want to see it for Jane. If the movie is anything like the Blade movies, I'll probably like it.

Does it get much better than this, fun-wise?
:fresh: This movie is a fun ride. The familiar Spider Man of our childhood, brought to real, eye popping life! Seeing Spider Man swinging through the city is the most fun.

The movie does have a good storyline, setting it up well for the next installments ... Mary Jane knows but ... will not have his love ... he can't give it ... :)

Spider Man (2004) is eagerly anticipated.
I just finished watching Spider-Man for what, the fourth time probably ? I remember when it was released, all the hype it gathered, and it got pretty good reviews. All I can say is that Spider Man is overrated.

Tobey Maguire plays Peter Parker to perfection, I think at first when he was cast everyone doubted him. He turned out all right. Now, I liked Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, but his Green Goblin outfit is horrible. It really does look like a Power Rangers reject. J. Jonah Jameson was also played to perfection. We have a great cast and a good script, what prevented this film from greatness ?

:fresh: Fresh! Grade: A-
I must admit, when I walked in the theater, I was like, "Aww, nooo!! Not another stupid man movie about some weird creature. Ugh, there's NO way this can be good!!" But I fullheartedly admit to my closed-mindedness, and am a bit awed about how wrong I was. I would of NEVER seen Spider-Man had my dad not insisted upon it, and if I didn't I would, well, I wouldn't have seen a well-made super-hero movie and would be still thinking that ALL super-hero movies were bad and that'd be, well, close-minded! And about 1/3 of the way through, I looked up and realized, that all this time, from the moment I walked in the theater, I had been... enjoying it. I actually, really, strangely, liked it. And that's how I came to admit how wrong I was about my original opinion of ALL super-hero movies ever made. Still, I have not seen a super-hero movie I enjoyed since, but at least I have not written them off completely
Tobey Macguire's performance is, perfect. He fits the character like the umbrella fits in the umbrella holder, in a manner of speaking. The two (the character and the actor, the umbrella and its holder) seem to be made for eachother. Many people complain that it's too long, but I'm not sure I agree. There's nothing wrong with a movie being a bit longer than one would like if it's worth watcing. Spider-Man smoothly blends romance into action, making it good for both men and women to enjoy (hence, me and my dad), which obviously explains its success in the box-office, and its claim in the top five most grossing films EVER. And despite one tiny tiny editing mistake involving Kirsten Dunst's hand that my friend pointed out, the ending is fabulous as a sales pitch, from the advertising exective's stand point. I won't give it away, but you'll be yearning for a sequel. So don't waste a minute being strange and closed-minded to super-hero flicks as I was, just suck it up and rent it!! ;) Thank you, and good night.
-The Masked Banana
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