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Spider-Man 2 2004

Peter Parker is beset with troubles in his failing personal life as he battles a brilliant scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius...

Release Date:
June 30, 2004
127 min
Sam Raimi
Marc John Jefferies, Cliff Robertson, Ted Raimi, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action, ...
English, Russian, Chinese

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Solar rating: 7.7


Imdb rating: 7.3

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Hated it.

Well, most of it. I despise trailers that show a big chunk of a talky scene...because I'm gonna see the stupid trailer a million times before the release, and the scene's going to have no meaning when I actually get to watch the movie (not like it has meaning now, but I digress).

The scene bothers me for a couple reasons -- Dunst seems stiff, and Seabiscuit melancholy. That's one. For seconds, Spidey/Parker saves Dunst from vehicular doom -- justintheknickoftime -- by grabbing her and ducking down. The car flies past them, and Raimi adds the slo-mo shot where both actors look at how close the CG car is from their face...and to top it off...they stand up and watch an off-screen Doc Ock make his entrance. How? With a number of zoom shots on Seabiscuit and Dunst. I hate zooms! And I especially hate shaky zooms

The thing I did like was the dialogue-less footage afterwards, with the appropriately exciting score, and better CG Spidey web-slinging footage than the first movie (much better to my eyes).

The audience I saw the trailer with applauded at the end. These people I never want to exchange ideas with.

Grade: C+

I'll review the rest of the pre-ROTK trailers later today...
I swear that Savannah just doubled in population with all the state police forces, Army rangers, and coast guard officers, not to mention all their machine guns.

Oddly enough, this is probably the safest time to be in Savannah, but you wouldn't know it unless you lived here.

Tourism is dead and so is my wallet.

One word describes this movie: Awesome. I don't know if it's better than it's predecessor, but it's definitely just as good. And when looking back at the fact I waited in line for three hours, and had to act insanely excited for the cameras, which is a terrible experience, and for me to come out loving it as much as I do, it has to be a great film.

You know the story. It's all in the trailer. You know the actors. Well, maybe you don't know Alfred Molina, but he's great. Always is, and continues that here. After being one of the best parts of Coffee and Cigarettes, he's one of the best parts here. Much like the Green Goblin in the first film, Doc Ock is an extremely strong villain. He's strong in the sense of physical strength, but that's not what I mean. Strong in character. He believes in what he's doing. And we believe him. His need to get things done, and to stop Spider-Man.

Everything about this movie just kicks so much ass. Everything. The writing is nice. No cheesy, laughable dialogue can be found. Great special effects. FUCKING amazing sounds. Seriously. Holy crap. Here are some points where the sound is so loud. So sharp. It was really, just wow. I don't have the words to describe how I feel about the sound. Haha, when does that happen (in regards to sound)? I guess sound shouldn't be noticeable as being good or bad, since it can be distracting, but here, it's just amazing. Especially at a couple points, and you'll know these points when you see the movie.

Acting is all around great. No one really stands out, good or bad. Everyone is just good. I guess that's really about it. I might be on TV though. The screening was for MTV's Moviehouse, and I was one of a few interviewed after the film was over. I was so nervous, but who knows, it may still end up on TV. So look out for me. I'll put a clear photo of myself in the photos section.

Spider-Man 2: A
Spider-Man 2

*Alfred Molina
*Everything else


Overall: Spider-Man 2 is a worthy sequel and is an action packed ride.
Last night I coded my new movie reviews website layout. All for better and greater reviewing fun and statistics and stuff. Also ready and prepared for one of the big movies this year I chose to use Spider-Man as my theme for my layout. I think, it was a good choice. I just hope I will love Spider-Man 2 as much as I loved Spider-Man 1. :D
I just guess I'll give it a 9/10 as soon as it comes out. :fresh:
Great Movie
alot better than the firs one

Comic book movies always seem to walk that wonderfully fine little line of trying to appeal to everyone, while at the same time not piss off its main fan base. Some, of course, do it better than others. Spiderman 2 has the luck, or curse if you will, of not having to worry about trying to appease its loyal fans, since everyone else will be lining up to see this film anyway. The first film shredded through the box office, and this film is easily the consensus largest of the summer, so any concerns about money are gone. The only question left remaining is whether or not this film would actually aspire to progress the franchise and its characters forward or be content with just a re-hashing of the first film. Thankfully Mr. Raimi and company decided to go with the answer we were all hoping for.

The first film left me quite unsatisfied, it received a rotten rating from me and I stand by that. To sum up my thoughts on it quickly, it did very little right, and a number of things wrong. That said though, I was obviously in the minority since the film went on to make over 400 million in the US alone. I despised the massive love that the first film received, but it certainly benefited us in the long run I guess you could say. Without that assured financial success, I don't think any studio would have allowed a film like this one to be made. Not that it is racy or obscene or anything, but rather the fact that it is a huge budget action film that is mostly dialogue-driven. There is no way Sony would have allowed Raimi to make the original like this. There are still action sequences in the film, but the characters are the main draw here. Spider-Man 2 is definitely about the characters and the world they inhabit, which is a refreshing change of pace from the first film's Hollywood cutouts.

The title may say "Spider-Man" in it, but this is not his movie, this is Peter Parker's. I don't think I have ever seen a comic book film more focused on the actual person inside the "suit", with the possible exception of Batman (1989) or last summer's Hulk. Sure he is the typical Hollywood good guy, but at least there is more to him then just saving lives by night and taking pictures by day. McGuire conveys this internal struggle of having to choose between what Parker wants and what he is meant to do almost perfectly. It is a tad on the simplistic side of the cinematic scale, but this is a comic book film and even though it strays from the source material it has the same heart, another quality not shared by the first film.

The one thing the first film did get right though, was its villain (Costume not included). And much to my approval this is another area where the second film eclipses the original. Now, I loved Dafoe as the Green Goblin, but Molina is truly fantastic as Doc Ock, probably my favorite comic book movie villain since Nicholson's Joker. Yes, it is over the top, but good freakin lord, it is supposed to be. This is exactly what you want from an action movie villain, a daunting larger than life screen presence, and yet an effective character that is not just looking for new ways to get you to hate him.

The supporting characters fill out their roles better this time around, even Dunst as the girl Peter won't allow himself to have. The love story takes up a good deal of screen time, but it is handled with a lot more tact and honesty than most Hollywood love stories. James Franco again shines in the role of Norman Osborne, even though I feel they don't devote enough time to him. Most films like this one, would be content to just have the hero fight the villain and that would be that, no this film adds the great little extra dimension with our hero's good friend obsessing over revenge towards, unbeknownst to him, his good friend. It is little plot complexities like this that makes this film infinetly better than its predecessor.

Two areas the original Spider-Man completely misfired on were music and visual effects. I am happy to report that the CG this time around is much improved, still not perfect, but more than acceptable. Some outstanding work on Doc Ock!

Elfman's score, while better than the original's is still almost instantly forgettable and is replaced by licensed songs instead, such as the immortal "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head". Normally I would not be a fan of such a move, but in this case, with the musical score the way it is, I can't say that I mind.

The film is not without its fair share of flaws, and like its predecessor it has a few too many overly sentimental/ultra cheesy moments for my tastes. At least they have cut down on them this time around.

I am beginning to ramble, so I will wrap it up now. Spider-Man 2 is what a comic book film should be, a film that trusts its characters to tell the story, not the action sequences, and a giant step up from the first chapter.


7.7 out of 10
Im going to sum this up as quickly as possible...

Same as the first movie. Different title.
Spider-Man 2

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