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To the unbeknownst. Dont forget to watch this classic, see if you can spot all the references. :)
This is a hilarious movie. I really enjoyed the laughs and the comedy in this movie.
Ridiculously Funny! This movie is The Knockout Of the Week, You'll be Laughing of you Chair With This Movie, Although It might have a Little Smudge of stuff That your Child Might Wanna See Or Hear, Still everyone laughs at this Movies
It is not Brooks best film, but it is full of corny laughs and great spoofs.
One of my top 5 comedy movies, maybe even top 5 of all movies. If you didnt like this movie your even more gay than the people who havent seen it!
Space Piracy at its finest!
Spaceballs has to be one of my favorite comedies. It's probably right up there with Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Vacation and Weird Science.

My favorite charactor is Rick Moranis as Dark helmet. He pretty much steals the entire movie. I think if they had cast anyone else, the movie might not have been as good.

One of my favorite scenes is near the end, when Lonestar and Barf go to the diner, and a commic parody of Alien occurs with a little alien popping up to sing hello my baby! Funny stuff. But you have to see the movie unedited to get all the laughs. Like the scene where they are combing the desert with real hair combs, only the black soldiers have a pick.

Did you guys find anything?

We aint found shit! Funny stuff!
Es una de las mejores parodias que eh visto en mi vida dado a que es comica inteligentemente echa con buenas actuaciones y que evita la sobvreexplotacion del guion, una obra de Mal Brokks la cual solo es superdada por Get Smart en mi opinion.

Bueno ahora si a hablar de la pelicula, la version de "Dark Helmet", es muy original y le da un toqyue muchgo mas infantil a este gran villano de la historia del cine; la transformaciones a personajes komo "Sparf""Yogurt""Lone Starr" son no tan buenas como la otra pero si bastante agradables y comicas y la creacion del "Presidente Skroob" cambia todo el camino de la pelicula.

Para concluir es un clasico instantaneio pero que solo cuenta con un error el gran cambio que se izo de lso guiones de Star Wars dejandolo algo pobre en ese aspecto
Parts of Spaceballs are hilarious, but some of it is ridiculous and unlikeable. Rick Moranis is perfect as Darth Helmet, but the handling of Chewbacca leads to an extremely annoying character played by John Candy, which is a shame as some of his other character portrayals have been pretty good.
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