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I think this is the only Eastwood film without any gunfire in it. It's also his best work in my opinion
@c-beams sooo agree with you
@KayWal1981 Good call. Long time no see.
I enjoyed rewatching this. 7.5/10
Can't beat the cast.
Its been years since i seen this .. It was all new again .. 10/10
Good movie
Seriously this movie is made in 2000 but its one of the best movies i've ever seen even the special effects where perfect!
If you dont know what to watch, Watch This One! Its great from the beginning untill the end. 10/10
This movie was actually pretty good! It wasn't as comedic as I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't boring by any means. In general, I don't like Clint Eastwood because he's constantly playing badasses when he is, in fact, a lame ass. I was actually able to enjoy him in this comedic role. Plus, Tommy Lee Jones! I LOVE HIM! OMG! It was too sad though :(

The End.
Dependable veteran Clint Eastwood stars in and directs this adventure story about four aging air force pilots who are well past their prime yet are called on to serve a mission for NASA. Eastwood, James Garner, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland play the four pilots who were scheduled in 1958 to be America's first astronauts...until they took a backseat to a chimpanzee. Now, over forty years later, the cocky foursome are given a chance to realize their dreams and head into outer space. The plot, involving an out-of-control Russian satellite that must be manually repaired, is rather conventional and not particularly engaging. In fact, it is practically the exact crisis that faces the characters in Michael Bay's atrocious Armageddon. What keeps Space Cowboys mildly interesting is that Eastwood pays particular attention to the minute details of space travel: over half of the film is devoted to the training of the astronauts, and the actual scenes in outer space are as authentic and convincing as those in Apollo 13. Helping matters are the four principal leads, all of whom are pushing (or have pushed) sixty-five yet still retain their spark and charisma. The scenes between Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones crackle with tension, and Donald Sutherland is a scene-stealer as a sly fox who has an irrepressible love of life. If the film can not quite close the deal as an entertaining blockbuster, it is because the ending is unnecessarily sentimental and the overall pace of the movie is a little too leisurely. Eastwood is coasting on the actors' charm rather than on a compelling script. Still, I would prefer to endure a slow-paced, thoughtful adventure story like Space Cowboys again than suffer through the deafening chaos of Armaggedon.

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"Space Cowboys"
This movie is very entertaining. It has its comedy moments and sad moments. It's about a group of guys from 1958 that had a dream of going into space and being the first americans. They weren't able to go into space and years passed and they retired. Then 40 years later they reunited to into going to space. After their training and already being in outer space something goes wrong. Watch the movie if you want to find out what happens.;) This movie will get an 8/10 from me.
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