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good film, but Kevin Hart more like Kevin Fart, baboosh.
Can we get a putlocker link :) or clicktoview?
Love ths mf movie
I'm not even going to pay money to see this one...the previews were enough to make me roll my eyes. :rolleyes: Dumb dumb dumb
It lacks any redeming quality.

tired. lazy and redunlant humor

rehashing jokes and bits that have never been funny with folks that really CAN'T ACT is bound to SUCK!!!!

could've been much better.
Soul Plane succeeds on some of it's comedy but thats about it. I laughed out loud at much of the first half of the movie, but the rest of the film is to unrealistical in just about every sense that it fails to capture the viewer. Oh yeah it's pretty crude too.

Ginger Snaps 2 is a great movie. The first was very effective aswell but in that attempt the movie appeared cheaper and there was a depressing feeling of teen suicide in it. This instalment was just great, and the addition of the character Ghost was great. If you like horror, watch this movie and show it to your friends. Creepy, and I believe a true classic.
*1/2 / **** :rotten:

It's not like me to attend a film that bypassed most critics, but buddies wanted to, so... (and they really liked it... sigh, the shame). Apart from the few original ideas shown in the trailer, there were times during the screening when my mind drifted through the theatre walls and went somewhere (I'm not sure where)... Oh, and somehow the number rating still seems too high...
:rotten: :down:
this movie sucks. And I gave it a 4 because I had a few chckles, and their are really hot actresses. But otherwise dont bother.
Last night I went to go see Soul Plane. I really laughed pretty hard. It was a goofy movie, with a lot of sight gags, street goofs, gang jests, and rap. They didn't need a story, so they didn't use one. Sort of had a back story, but it really didn't matter. Tom Arnold was even good. As good as he could be I guess. I really laughed hard though. I was due for some mindless fun. We were token white folks in the audience. It was similar to going to movies in Oakland at Jack London Square. The audience yells at the screen, talks to the camera man, and sings to the music. An older well dressed black couple sat behind use, and they were just on the floor laughing. I'd hear "Oh no he didn't", and the lady would laugh this demonic giggle that just tore into my funny bone like a zamboni on an ice rink. CW would look at me and just give an "oooh geeezus" look, and just roll his eyes and laugh.

There was a long line for the midnight opening of Harry Potter just next to the theater. It was twisted. All ages... all hair colors, skin colors, the scent of bonnie bell, clearisil, and pocket protectors equaling that of clove cigarrettes, patchoulli, and crayons. I never saw a single HP movie or read one of the books. My niece and nephew could cite a single line and verse as one would cite a bible scripture. At dinner the comment was made that the really cool thing about this particular storyline is that it pissed of xtians. I almost bought the books when I saw that, but just couldn't conform.
Ok yea coming into this movie you didn't expect much but it was worse than i had expected. While it had funny parts somethings just plain weren't funny. I guess it was black comedy and i am white so thats maybe why i didnt like it as much but snoop diggy dog was funny and same with tom arnold it had funny parts but not enough to where it would be at all conisdered a funny movie.
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