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Maybe my favorable reaction to this movie was partly due to the fact that I had just watched Eight Crazy Nights right before it. Kind of like the time that I watched a Jean Claude Van Damme movie on TV, and when the Chuck Norris film that followed it came on, I thought "Gee, Chuck's a pretty good actor!" In other words, everything is relative.

To have any hope of enjoying Sorority Boys, you have to undertake a major suspension of disbelief. That is, you have to accept that three guys can successfully pass themselves off as girls in a sorority house for about a week with nobody catching on. That, and the fact that their wigs will never, ever fall off, no matter what. The damn things must have been stapled on!

As for the movie itself, the plot is not original, the jokes are telegraphed, and you can see the ending coming a mile off. Still, the movie has a great deal of charm, perhaps because so many of the characters are treated with sympathy and respect. And I laughed, damn it! Yeah, there were a lot of scenes that were real clunkers (the football game being amongst the worst), but others were good enough to make me smile, and some shots were laugh-out-loud hilarious (the dildo swordfight, the guys shopping for clothes...yeah, there are some good bits).

If you're looking for a classic, or an art film, go get Some Like It Hot. But if you want to just put your mind in neutral and sit back for a few good laughs, you could do worse than Sorority Boys.
Sorority Boys could be just your average vulgar college movie, but I think it has special elements within it that make it rise above those average films like Van Wilder. Just like Animal House, there are too many funny things in the film to not like it. The cast is great and the overall message is a good one.
I turned this movie on thinking it would be terrible. After watching it I came to the conclusion it wasn't just terrible it was ridiculously terrible. Sorority Boys plays into every cliche' known to college campus type movies. Many movies meet that criteria. The difference with Sorority Boys is that it manages to do it in a way that avoids even one mildy ammusing scene.
Horrible waste of my time. Stupid and predictable.

I saw Sorority Boys about two years ago, and I have to admit that it is a decent (not in the way of clean, but good) comedy. The laughs didn't put tears to my eyes, but there were a bunch of small laughs that surely made up for it. Harland Williams, like most of the time, gets the role of a goof, and he does it well (like always.) Michael Rosenbaum gets the more of a laid back, yet sometimes hot-headed, partier (which he also does very well.) And Barry Watson gets the more of a "I'm looking for something more than this party life" I guess you could call it role (you guessed it. He does it well, too.) Each and everyone of these three men get their own funny parts to where you enjoy all of their screen-time and not just one characters like some comedies. And, deep down in this funny, yet crude comedy, there's some heart in there also. So, I suggest that if you're in the mood for good laughs through a whole movie, (and not just in one part) then rent Sorority Boys. You won't be disappointed. And, as you can see by the title and the movie box, it's about fraternity guys gone...well...Sorority Boys. But, I won't tell ya the whole movie, cause ya gotta see it for yourself.
:fresh: :up: :up: This movie was frickin' hilarious. I loved it.

Sorority Boys (2002)

I'd say it's somewhere along the lines of the Hot Chick. Just ridiculously stupid but extremely funny.
Yeah...this movie was very....ummmm...dirty, strange. Are those the words I'm looking for? Sorority Boys is about 3 guys who get kicked out of their frat b/c they were framed for stealing money from the frat (named KOK, sound it out for those who need a little help). One of them just happened to be filming himself have sex so the real theif is caught. But they need to get inside the frat to find the tape, in the mean time they live in the Sorority DOG (where the...apperance challenged girls live). The guys learn to get in touch with their femine side. At some points it was kind of funny but mostly I was just uncomfortable seeing Michael (the whole reason I watched it) dressed up as a woman and have his brother try and have sex with him. It was just not a very good movie. Although Michael so good looking wheither he's a woman or not I would not watch this movie again. It was just strange for lack of a better word.
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