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Will always be one of my favorite "feel-good" movies. 8/10

Something new was a good movie about interracial dating. It showed how some people are so how can you say it's a bad movie ? Why waste time online making fun of a movie? If you have nothing nice to say then just get the hell off.

When is Hollywood going to pull its head out of its ass? I see that "landscape architect" is the "romantic comedy male lead job du jour", but a landscape architect is not a "gardener" like this movie and "Just Like Heaven" makes them out to be.

A landscape architect works in a frigging office. They're professionals. They wear suits to work, not frigging flannel shirts. They work with computers, pens, and paper, not shovels.

The fact that Hollywood continues to perpetuate the myth that "landscape architects" are out in a yard pulling weeds is enough to make me know without even seeing it that this movie is stupid and it sucks, and it was made by a bunch of retards.
The Old Dark House starts with three characters trying to navigate a road destroyed by the heavy storm that drenches them even inside the vehicle. A mudslide makes them realize they can't go on, but, luckily, they see a light ahead. They stop and beg for shelter. They are admitted into a gloomy castle with very eccentric inhabitants. An elderly brother and sister, the latter of whom is conveniently hard of hearing, live there with their other brother, Malcom who is mute and looks very much like a monster. The hospitality is grudging and the house and residents are very creepy. Frankly, I would have taken my luck in the storm. The story and characters are often very humorous, but the tone of the film is continually dark. Directed by James Whale ("The Invisible Man"), this is a classic Universal horror film. It's not quite scary. But the atmosphere is great. It reminded me of the original House on Haunted Hill film.

Something New is a romantic comedy, but with a more dramatic twist than most of this genre. Sanaa Lathan ("Alien vs Predator") stars as a successful black career woman whose given herself no time for a social life. She's faced with racial judgements every day at her firm, and when she's set up on a blind date with a white landscape architect (Simon Baker "Land of the Dead"), she has to face her own prejudices. As she finds herself drawn to this man, her fear and the pressures of her family and friends cause her to question her feelings. Lathan and Baker have great chemistry, and the film is beautifully designed, showing Lathan's monochrome world in contrast to Baker's vibrant one. The themes are also thought-provoking. But, as a film, it can't escape it's genre format and the end felt very rushed.
Two movies in one day! Yay

I want to jump him, right now.

Okay fine...Emily deserves him much more than I do. But I can drool.

PS- I bought Corpse Bride and Martin and Lewis: Colgate Comedy Hour
What a great movie! It was enjoyable with just enough depth to avoid being complete fluff. Hollywood needs to produce more movies like this :)
Simon Baker is one huge chunk of beefcake!

Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker have great chemistry in this comedy/drama. The film doesn't have to rely on the stupid comedy gags that "Guess Who" did because it actually has substance to it. Its better than I thought it was gonna be and very romantic.

I'm such a bum, I totally neglected this blog for an obscene amount of time but now I'm back.... so January came and went and I didn't watch a single movie. Bummers. But tonight I saw: Something New

Inside Man

clive owen, denzel washington, and jodi foster... a helluva cast, interesting looking picture, really piques my curiousity, i hope its a good one
I went to see Something New this weekend and I did not know what to expect. Iwas surprised in many ways. The movie was overall very good. There were a few mechanical snags in the flow maybe, but it got to the point. It was funny, while touching on a still too touchy subject. I think if you watch this film with an open mind you will really enjoy it. As with any movie dealing with the race issue there are bound to be some ruffled feathers. But I thought the movie was pretty fair in showing that prejudices and pride affect the perception and behavior of people in all races. To me the biggest problem existed within the character Kenya herself. Once she conquered her doubts and fears, the outcome was as it should be more often in real life--no matter what your race or culture. There were a few things in the dialogue and flow that could have been more subtle and polished, but ,for the most part, I think they kept it real. I loved the humor in the movie (which took lighthearted shots at both races involved), and I really loved the chemistry between Simon and Sanaa. Someone commented on the fact that 97% of white males marry white women. Well, the U.S. is about 75% white and 12% African-American. Two plus two = four. It was also mentioned that there are about 100,000 marriages of this combination. Considering the percentages above, 100,000 is not so minute as you would think. Anyway, I think the movie was basically just saying we all could be more open to new and different oppurtunites and not limit ourselves. It is not just about racial marriage percentages. It is high time we saw the situation from a somewhat new point of view. That alone was worth it. Throw in some laughs and some great romance and we have a winner!
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