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Solaris 2002

A troubled psychologist is sent to investigate the crew of an isolated research station orbiting a bizarre planet...

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Solar rating:6.8


Imdb rating:6.2



"Slow-moving and ambiguous" as described. Delivered much less than I expected.
After the first viewing of it on cable last night, it really peaked my interest. There are some nuances of it that I will be able to better pick up with a second viewing, but it's a good movie. Very deep, very different and not for the primitive minds.

Beautiful. Just a beautiful film. The review on the back of the DVD case really says it all..."a return to what sci-fi was meant to be".
George Clooney,who I am not particularly fond of, puts in a wonderful, touching and heartfelt performance.

One of the most emotional and haunting films I have ever seen. I would really like to see the original and be able to compare.

I jus can't say enough about this film. One thing I love about it deeply is the musical really adds to the overall effect, and deepens the emotional content.

I love this film with all my heart.

*George Clooney
*Romance scenes

*Not that interesting

Overall: Solaris is a bland remake of the 1972 version.
Watched the Solaris remake today. Boy did this movie suck. I think I found the most boring movie I have ever seen. Everything about it just wants to put me to sleep. The dialog isn't interesting, everybody speaks in slow, low voices that wants to put me to sleep. Nothing exciting happens, and when exciting things do happen, they are not to exciting. Man, I might buy this DVD just to help me sleep when I am having trouble doing it myself. What a snore-fest.
The creatively shot Solaris is much ado about nothing.

Star Trek: Nemesis is a very solid Star Trek film. Too bad it's probably the last one in this mold (Starfleet Academy is next sometime in the future).

Daniel Day-Lewis shines in Gangs of New York, a movie much more than a story of revenge courtesy of Martin Scorsese.

The second installment of LOTR is still much too long for what it tells.

Catch Me If You Can is a well-done comedy authentically set in the 60s. Tom Hanks brings his usual self to the role while Leonardo DiCaprio brings youth and energy that we haven't seen from him in a while.
What a gorgeous movie. beautiful, haunting, sad, fing gorgeous. I loved it. Will have to see it again and try to find an intelligent way to describe it.
Awful remake.

Underrated movie. Great story and situations. Terrific pure sci-fi. Not enough hear felt from the characters, however.
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