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now i'm all depressed.. i hate government.. life sucks.. once i make it out of this cursed world, i wont care what people do to each other.. goodbye, cruel world.. on a more cheerful note - pretty good flick (but a real buzzkiller).
In Snow Falling on Cedars, Ethan Hawke delivers a stellar performance along with a remarkable cast of Japanese actors. This tale takes us back to the times of WWII, where the Japanese were being sent off to internment camps. It was originally an award winning novel, and now Scott Hicks has brought it onto the big screen in a big way. Every scene seems to be conveying a message, and it almost speaks out to you. You can feel the purpose that Hicks was trying to achieve in every shot. The main story of this movie is a murder case where a Japanese man is convicted of murdering a while male. The film gives a touching, and heart-felt portrayal of the hardships that were endured by mistreated Japanese in America. This is a deep, heart-dampening film throughout, that captivates your heart through the telling of a forbidden love relationship between Hawke and a Japanese woman. By the end of the film, you feel enlightened. Although emotions were spilling throughout the movie, you feel that the book must be even better. This is why I intend on reading the actual book, and I suggest everyone ead the book before watching the movie. Which is good advice for any book-movie. A notable performance by Max Von Sydow as well. I don't understand why it didn't receive a higher rating on RT, but I think I should have read the book first.
A mess of a movie that has a weak premise and a muted performance by Ethan Hawke.
raspunsul dat de iti spun, dar e cat de poate de adequate...:D

de mult am vrut sa vad filmul asta. subiectul parea ethan hawke e un actor bun.

as spune ca e o dezamagire...but then again, orizontul de asteptare (nu mai scap de poienar :mad:)...e o poveste de dragoste frumoasa si destul de credibila. nu cred ca e prea romantata idila dintre american si asiatica. si nici nu se incearca un final previzibil pur si simplu pentru ca nu se poate aplica unor mentalitati atat de deosebite.

"Accident rules every corner of the universe... except perhaps the chambers of the human heart. "

mi-au placut la nebunie imaginile...(persia..pacat ca nu l-ai vazut) snow falling indeed. o iarna superba!

"It takes a rare thing, a turning point, to free oneself from any obsession."
Okay, so, I haven't updated in like a month, and believe it or not, these are the only 5 English movies I've watched in that period. HK movies about one Japanese one, and a few anime OAVs. And I'll get to those next post (HAHAHA)

:fresh: Murderball
This wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. It was seriously lacking in...whatever makes docs good, I dunno WHAT per say, but it isn't 95% fresh-worthy for sure. It's decent enough, but I would recommend just about any other doc to people before this one. I think it didn't have enough to invest people into the people in the doc. I mean, it was kind of like a sports movie, but "real". So while it's easy to see why it didn't win the Oscar, it's not bad at all. It's pretty inspirational too, and for someone who doesn't really interact with physically disabled people, it was interesting to see what they had to say about being treated "different".

:fresh: Mambo Italiano
Ooooh snap, this is now the best Canadian movie ever! I liked this. It's nothing new or inspired, but it is a very fun movie. It was funny and cute and a nice little movie. I liked how the ending was a little bit of a twist from straight movies where the main couple would be together forever and such. This movie made my friend's grandma change her hateful opion of homosexuals too, so it gets extra win-points.

:fresh: Grizzly Man
This movie was NUTS. Or, more precisely, the guy who was in this movie was NUTS. THIS is what a doc should be - letting the crazy subjects be who they are. This is about 100x more engaging than Murderball because it doesn't have as many characters to follow, and the subject matter is something that people would have never heard of before (people know wheelchair rugby; people don't know of crazies living with the bears). Why didn't this win the Oscar? (It didn't, right?)

:fresh: V for Vendetta
OH HEEEEEEELLLLLLLS YESSSSSSS~. This movie was awesome. I wanted to see "The Hills Have Eyes", but I wasn't 18, so I saw this and it was infinity-times better than that piece of shit (saw it on DVD). It is a true film that represents the voice of this generation. I felt like standing up in the theatre and yelling "FREEEEEEEEDOM!!" around the end, I was really moved by it. I just wished there was a 100% happy ending...but it is super awesome, and if you don't like this movie, you are a facist (or something...or not...>_>)

:rotten: Snow Falling On Cedars
I only watched this because I had to read the book for English class. I didn't like the book much, but this movie took out everything that made that piece of shit good, leaving us with a hot mess of a movie. I'd recomend that everyone avoids this novel/movie, unless for a class. You could do worse in that situation, but this was okay for required viewing.
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