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Snow Buddies 2008

In this spin-off of the Air Bud franchise, five pups follow an ice cream transport truck to a plane and end up flying with the ice cream shipment to Alaska. There they find a pup friend and a boy who needs five dogs for a big race...

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Mostly for the kids, but adults will be mildly entertained. It's hard to completely screw up a movie with puppies being cute and mischevious. Expectedly shallow as well as reasonably entertaining.
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(* 1/2): way too much. Pretty stupid and so far, the worst movie of 2008. Another junky live action movie made by Disney for families! (and what a shame; their recent live action Enchanted was a really good film. They really can make decent live action films).
Just so Cute
talking dogs and cats are the best!
Snow Buddies is a very unrealistic and suitable for kids film. This film is completely filled with slapstick humour and this film looks very impossible to be possible. The voice cast is the best art which is really satisfactory and there is cuteness. But underdog dogs winning the big Dogsled Race? Give me a break! However, the film in my opinion has great entertainment for kids.
its good the dogs are funny i never knew dogs could talk.there cool dogs and they where clothes the characters are good enough.
this movie is why the govenment came up with ANIMAL CRUELTY. putting little puppies vancouver. worst buddies movie ever
This is one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.

First of all, "Snow Buddies" has a stupid story. Its about dogs that fall out of a plane and land in the snow. Its poorly well written and uninteresting. I hate it.

"Snow Buddies" has some of the worst voice acting and acting in a movie that I have ever heard. It is so bad! Of course kids play the dogs. It is just, awful.

Another thing about "Snow Buddies", is that this is Animal Cruelty! Those poor little puppies had to fall and were probably forced to do everything! Poor little puppies!

"Snow Buddies" is an awful movie with animal cruelty. I don't recommend it to anyone at all! I hate it!

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If kids like dogs they will like this
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