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@Shinobi567 impossible! I look at the rock and think...action! heh He could be sleeping....
@Shinobi567 good review Shinobi. Since I prefer thriller to action, I now know this is one for my watchlist. Thanks!
PS: In my opinion, Snitch is more of a thriller than an action flick. It does have action, but that isn't the main premise of the movie and neither the secondary one. Therefore, it should be under the thriller category of films. Just saying.
Funnily enough, I went into this flick expecting the usual Dwayne 'The Rock'Johnson movie. Boy, was I mistaken. This is a 'Filme Noir' thriller and for those that like the genre, it delivers with a solid scenario and great acting from all actors involved. The Music score is dark and broody, yet also beautiful. The score with the solo violin transfers the moments of utter solitude the main characters are faced with to the viewer quite effectively. Even if I, personally, came away from it kinda depressed; in a 'what a messed up world this is' kinda way. Let that not deter you any though, it still doesn't take away from the fact that in the Filme Noir genre it delivers in spades.
rock is my fav hero :)
It is a good one time watch film .. Dwayne Johnson is good in his role... 6/10
iT'S good, though some things don't make any sense. To watch and then to forget
decent flick.. the premise is nothing new but i think the acting made up for most of the flaws
I enjoyed this movie. Very different role for The Rock. Compelling story indeed!
thanks, was just curious about that
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