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Wow, these issues are still relevant today! Great script performed to perfection by Redford, Poitier, Aykroyd and Strathairn. James Earl Jones was like the cherry on top of this smart, interesting film. 10/10
I'm shocked that this 1992 flick brought the issue of NSA!
interesting that this movie is more relevant today than ever. pretty much the entire story is exactly what has been in the news as of the last couple of years.
This one might stand out way near the top my top 10 list...I guess its really because they are doing stuff that I would like to be doing haha....i love code breaking, espionage, spying equipment, etc...And I actually think its funny too....nice music too...ok ill even admit these comments are bland sooo thats enough for today first journal day
decent caper movie with some team concepts. surprisingly funny and technically accurate, if a bit dated. the ending left me cold though.
Sneakers - I can't find a valid flaw with this movie. Funny as hell, too. - $5

Avalon - This film had great potential, and every student in film school should see it simply for the amazing use of lighting, and colorization. As for the film itself, it leaves a little to be desired, but it is an enjoyable little trip. - $15

Virus - Yeah, I know. But I found a copy in DTS for 5 bucks so cut me some slack, its gonna sound sweet. And its better than getting kicked in the shins.

Hellraiser - I seem to remember part 2 creeping me out more than the first one, but that was some time ago. Now I see, part one is a better overall product. Still, Ashley Lawrence is scorching hot. Wow.

Hellraiser 2 - Read above, douchebag.
Like I said in my Mission Impossible review, if you're going to make a movie that depends on technology to make it wow the audience, in about 10 years, you're going to be facing an audience who has that same technology in their bathroom. Sneakers manages to rise above that because:
1) Sneakers is clearly placed at the end of the Cold War and in that light, it's assertation that information and data will now run the world seems prophetic rather than dated.
2) The cast contains Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix, Mary McDonnell, Ben Kingsley, David Paymer, James Earl Jones, and David Straitham among others. The story isn't anything fantastic, but the cast makes it a fun and entertaining 2 hours.
First of all, you have to admit that the star studded cast combination is one of a kind. Robert Redford, Sydney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, David Straithairn and River Phoenix, Mary McDonnell and Ben Kingsley? (All are Oscar nominees by the way!) Surely this must be a good film? And apparently the answer to that question is a sound YES.

The movie resembles TV series Mission Impossible with a five people team, with nifty gadgets and equipments, together fighting an evil corporation, whose founder turns out to be an old friend of one of the team mates. The plot is complex but will not make you confused, it flows along nicely and plot thickens with perfection until the final climax of the movie.

Well, what's the soul am I talking about here? If you remember such TV series, the characters were cardboard: they're just there to serve as plot machinations, you go along but you never care about them anyway. That's not what happened here. Since the casting is unique, each character feels fresh and original, in short, they got more souls, thanks to the actors.

Although this movie is not known by many people, I believe it will achieve the acknowledgement it deserved. This is one of the most satisfying movie experience I ever had. Kudos to you, Sneakers!
Good thriller, wih a light and entertaining atmosphere. The cast is quite good. Well produced, great pace. Some very memorable scenes,
great cast ensemble helps keep this film a float. the film is sharp and the performances are all great helping the film keep momentum. the film is entertaining with great energy but in the end it hasn't got any real substance.
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