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Snakes on a Plane 2006

An FBI agent takes on a plane full of deadly and poisonous snakes, deliberately released to kill a witness being flown from Honolulu to Los Angeles to testify against a mob boss...

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nice movie :D my rate: 7/8 (10)
well - i could write a dissertation on this flick.. if you know anything about snakes, aviation or meteorology, i mean, PUH-LEEEZE.. this film should win an award for taking a completely preposterous idea and fashioning it into entertainment.. and it's a testament not only to sam jackson's talent but to his courage as an actor.. it's one of those flicks where the reactions and comments of those viewing it are essential.. i'm astonished as these words proceed from my mouth - GOOD FLICK.
HAHA.... Things Samuel L. says never gets old! Good movie!
I haven't seen anything in a while and so my updates have been far and few between, to say the least.

For some reason, I feel compelled to talk about this rapidly growing phenomenon known as Snakes on a Plane. In what's probably one of the most literal film titles in years, Snakes on a Plane (which, I'll just refer to as SOAP) has generated enormous media buzz, especially over the internet. I don't look to add anything new to the SOAP craze and this kind of stuff is usually relegated to the forums, but....I don't care. I'm going to try and give a fair preview/review of SOAP even though it's probably still being made.

For starters, you know that when Sam Jackson agreed to star in the movie without reading the script, things are lookin' good! This is the type of movie Peter Gallagher's character in The Player described when he said, "...the script will write itself." Maybe someone read a newspaper story about a snake being loose on an airplane, thought to himself, "Hmm, what if, just maybe, there were.....more....snakes on that plane, and what if someone had to get rid of them? What would Samuel L. Jackson do?" You got the premise/story, the star, and the script?

"This is what I get for sitting in Coach!"

Well, apparently they're using a lot of audience feedback, and reworking things to fit the audiences' wishes and desires. It's going to be the ultimate fan movie; it's already a cult classic and midnight movie staple. Maybe that's because of people like me, and millions of others, ranting about it online, or maybe because the film's reputation precedes it. Personally, I'd be happy if the film was just Sam Jackson swearing for 90 minutes straight with no resolution. But, thankfully, I'm pretty sure I can count on way more than that! The dialogue should be delightful. If you look at Keenan Thompson in that picture, he's probably going to say something as intelligent as, "Hey, wait a minute....what are these snakes...doing on this plane?!" Not only that, but the one-liners are guaranteed to be bad-ass. Perhaps, "It's time to shed some ass!"? Arnold will be put to shame, I fear.

SOAP is so terrible, that it's inspired brilliance. Yeah, it's corny, cheesy, campy, and lame, but it's also bold and daring. It has an undeniable allure to it that will fascinate filmgoers for decades to come. No amount of hype will ever grow old. The film is incredibly bad, but extraordinarily skilled at its badness, which raises it to the So-Bad-It's-Great level.

Considering that The Simpsons movie is due next year, Hollywood should think about making an entire film devoted to Sideshow Bob's incident with the rakes. It could be called Rakes on a Train. Will Sideshow Bob be able to escape the rakes? Tough call. How many rakes will there be? Who knows. All I know is that I'd pay to see that shit! Actually, I'd rather see it for free.

Anyway, not sure if this made a lot of sense, but thanks for indulging me in this long-winded, and rather pointless, affair, which probably constituted the biggest waste of time of your day.

This movie is so absurd, so ridiculous, so unreal, it is good. It knows it and it has fun with it. These snakes are perverts! This movie was a cult classic before it came out and it will be a cult classic.

Everything is just so ridiculous that it works so well in making a movie that's not only hilarious, but just great.

I've had it with these motha f---ing snakes on this motha f---ing plane. I'll be quoting variants of that line for a while :cool:.
I went into this movie with all the hype and all the excitement of a child, and let me tell you all that I was not disappointed. The suspense was pretty good, and everyone in the theater was lifting their legs for fear that snakes were around their ankles.

This movie embraces it's nature and doesn't try to be something it's not. It takes the campiness to a level that hasn't been reached before. Be sure to see it... I know i'm going back!

I'm not going to talk much plot, I mean really, all you need to know is snakes on a plane, there you go, there's your plot. What I would like to say, is that every moment Samuel L. Jackson is on the screen I was having a good time. I'm not sure what is was, but he was probably the best part of this film.

Now although there are some neat scenes in this movie, all together its not all that great. Don't get me wrong it was a fun watch. But I guess there are times during the film where I just don't get it.

I'm not sure what else there is to say, if you want to see it go see it.
:fresh: Every line was perfect, every snake attack was brutally hilarious, every snake was as nasty as it was amusing, everything was the perfect balance of cheesy bliss and messy carnage. Possibly the most satisfying film I have seen in ages and by far one of the most entertaining movie experiences I have ever had as the crowd actually made mor enoise at time than the movie itself. All I can say is that any fan of movies at all should see this movie, trust me you will be satisfied. SEE THIS MOVIE!!! :up:
I came into the movie expecting 3 things and no more.....snakes, a plane, and of course, Samuel L. Jackson. Now i didn't have big expectations for the movie but I still wanted to see it. I really enjoyed this movie though it had a lot of action(snake) scenes....and it was pretty comical as well....pretty much it was all good and its all worth it(if you dont like it) to hear Samuel L. Jackson say those famous words. But its a great movie
As weird as this may be Snakes on a Plane is my favorite movie of the summer. I had been expecting this movie for a long time. I saw the title, and thought oh my gosh I have to see this It will be the best-worst movie ever. Well I was wrong, this movie is amazing, its intense,funny,a bit sad, and a good plot. The movie starts out and the plot grabs you and pulls you in. My original thought about this movie was it will go strait onto scfi channel. Snakes on a Plane, is sorft of like a Jaws movie of snakes if you will. Some of it is a bit farfetched but most of Hollywood is. I highly recomed this movie if you want to be entertained for a little while. The length is a good length and doesnt seem to dull or feels like it drags on. Some parts are so funny, but they really shoudn't be. The movie may almost remid you of a Final Destination movie because the people that die kind of have it comming. Check this out.
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