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Sliding Doors 1998

A London woman's love life and career both hinge, unknown to her, on whether or not she catches a train. We see it both ways, in parallel...

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Thanks to the QUIZ, im going to watch this again. It is a really good film.
I really liked this movie! The concept is very interesting and it played out really well in this movie. The cast was very good too.
It's actually a movie that I look forward to watching again!
I rate it 7.5/10 and recommend to watch it.

Okay, what would happen if we could see an alternative life of you, where only one thing had changed, say for example you caught a train home, would that be so effective in your life or would it do nothing?

Well, in this film, it does, it shows you both sides of the story. Gwyneth's double life in a way, one where she catches a train, meets James (John Hannah), discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her, and finds happiness with James and starting her own PA company.

The other, where she misses the train, gets a taxi home, gets mugged (sortof), doesn't discover that her boyfriend is cheating on her, discovers she's pregnant, and discovers at the end the woman her boyfriend is cheating on is pregnant as well.

It's a great film, the only thing I didn't like was Gwyneth's british accent, it didn't sound... right. John Hannah was FANTASTIC and even I would have fallen in love with him. It was a great way of seeing two sides of the story, two sides of the same film in a way, and a great ending, where although one of them never really happened, it came to a good conclusion.

Directed by Peter Howitt
MPAA:PG-13(for some sexuality and language.)

Sliding Doors has a very gimmicky looking premise that works well to keep you intrigued from the start. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the same character named Helen but in two different fates. The fate she will get if she missed her subway and the fate she'll get if she doesn't miss the subway. When she misses it, she arrives late enough to miss her husband cheating on her. The other Helen arrives early and finds her husband sleeping with another woman and then she breaks up with him, dyes her hair blonde and gets really bitchy.

This movie was advertised as a romantic comedy but its really not. It's a romantic drama but NOT a comedy. Maybe I didn't find it funny because I'm not British? Whatever, but if this movie didn't have the gimmick to have two stories in one, it would've been one dull romance. It requires a lot of attention from the audience and you HAVE to see it from the beginning. Don't expect something as complex as Memento though.

As a whole the movie was pretty uneven. I liked the clever and original premise but on the romantic comedy side it was too cliched and recycled. Gwyneth Paltrow gives a pretty good performance by playing the two Helens. Her accent was impressive as well since she's not British. Watch it for the two-story narrative but not for the romance.
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2nd viewing (w/ O family)

Plotline 3/4
Replay 2.5/4
Cinematography 2.5/4
Score 2.5/4
Acting 2.5/4

I remembered enjoying this film much more the first time I saw it, and I believe this is due to its reliance on the plot device of split-storylines. This was an interesting premise for me initially, especially in the romance genre, and it may have distracted me from the weakness of the two stories and from the surprisingly average acting from Paltrow. Her character is cast as somewhat of a doormat and even in the clearly more desirable storyline she is taken advantage of and reacts in less than a "strong-woman" manner. She is essentially a puppet on the string of passion and seeks happiness only through men (to varying degrees). The desirable storyline is killed off prematurely and is linked with reality in an abrupt, and unexplained manner. Regardless, there are some interesting points on alternate realities, the importance of every action, and the fluidity of the personality that carry the film past its flaws in many cases.
Napolean - Very funny, but not as funny as everyone keeps on saying. I don't think this will go down in film history, but don't miss it either.

Butterfly - Ashton Kutcher annoys me, but the story is half-way decent.

Euro-trip - Ok. Stoned again, and couldn't say too much...Sorry.

Sliding Doors - It just wasn't paced right. it took me a while to get through this.

Wedding - I hate these movies. It's not funny, and i didn't have the nerve to storm out when my friends pressed play.
"Sliding Doors" is one of those movies that I will watch whenever it's on TV. I suppose it fits into the romantic-comedy genre, but it's not really a comedy (although it has a few funny-ish moments).

Gwyneth Paltrow has a dual role as Helen...and Helen. One day, she misses her train...and in an alternate reality, she doesn't. The Helen who makes the train arrives home to find her boyfriend boinking someone else - and we follow that Helen's move towards independence, and her growing relationship with James (played by the always-wonderful John Hannah, god, I swoon over his accent). The Helen who misses the train continues on in her relationship, but gradually becomes aware that there is something not quite right going on.

The way the two stories are told, crossing over with the visuals of sliding doors (the train, elevators, building doors), is clever and engaging. Fortunately, the 'early' Helen cuts her hair so that it's easier to follow which is which.

The ending is both sad (I always cry) and happy. Gwyneth is pretty good (although her London accent is atrocious), and John Hannah is just lovely. A cool movie if you ever wondered about "might-have-beens" and the directions and coincidences of fate.
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srooD gnidilS rof eviFive for Sliding Doors:
This is another one of those films that came out when a certain actor was trying to fulfill their contract with a major studio. In this case, it's Gwyneth Paltrow. Remember how she was in EVERYTHING and then * poof * she disappeared for a bit. Yea, so keep in mind that this was made when she was the It-Girl.
This movie will make you think about the little choices you make in life and how they effect what you do. I mean, I'm sure there are choices you've made and when you look back you wonder where you could have gone or what might have happened. Everyone does, even if you deny it and say you have no regrets. Yea. That'll last for a couple hours, then it's back to life as usual.
Of course, there is a bit of originality denial - The plot outline is borrowed from Krzysztof Kieslowski's "Blind Chance": The future of the main character depends on whether he (she) catches the train or not, the two movies tells two (three) stories each depending on what happens at the railway station.
I saw this movie on a flight to London, ironically enough.
Re: #1, Paltrow had 5 movies come out in 1998 - this one, Shakespeare in Love, Great Expectations, Hush and A Perfect Murder. You could count the Talented Mr. Ripley in there too, though that didn't come out until 1999, it was filmed in '98.

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